Ariana Grande Tweet Accuses Pete Davidson Of Continuing To Use Her For ‘Relevancy’

Ariana Grande called former fiance Pete Davidson out for once again focusing his Saturday Night Live material on a relationship that they mutually agreed to leave in the past, on Thursday, November 2.

Entertainment Weekly is among several news outlets that have been circulating a screenshot that captured a couple of tweets the “Sweetener” singer posted to suggest that she is over Davidson using their expired romance as subject matter for his comedic routines. Grande reportedly vented her frustration in the comments section of a teaser that SNL put out ahead of this upcoming weekend’s production of the show. Judging by the contents of her remarks, it appears that Davidson’s act has been rubbing her as hypocritical of a man who once proclaimed that he is not about attention seeking and chasing popular appeal.

“For somebody who claims to hate relevancy u sure love clinging to it huh,” Grande wrote in a tweet that she has since deleted.

The statement came in response to a teaser in which Davidson seemed to make light of their split by proposing to musical guest Maggie Rogers and then proceeding to lament that he is now “0 for 3” after she turned down his pass at her. Fans who scrolled down after watching the viral promo might have come across Grande’s reply when it was still live. There was at least one follower who indeed got a chance to chime in and take her side, predicting that “SNL is about to milk their breakup just like they did with the engagement.”

“Thank u, next,” Grande wrote back, in agreement.

It has been nearly three weeks since Grande and Davidson called it quits. Sources close to Grande initially claimed that the 25-year-old crooner sought to detach from the comedian because it occurred to her that the love affair was moving too fast and she needed time to ground herself emotionally following the death of ex-beau, Mac Miller.

Davidson’s fans have come to know him for his reject image and self-deprecating brand of humor. However, the topic of his engagement with Grande and their subsequent split has sort of become the object of his obsession since the current season of SNL kicked off just over one month ago.

Davidson has apparently also taken the subject on the road with him, incorporating a few quips about now being on the outs. According to People magazine, he was joking about it as recently as October 20, when during a performance at the Judd & Pete for America benefit in West Hollywood, Davidson asked the audience if anyone had any room vacancies, which was an allusion to rumor spreading that he’s been homeless since moving out of Grande’s apartment.

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