John Stamos Brings His New Baby On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Fuller House Star John Stamos is one proud father. According to Today, Stamos made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday for the Halloween show.

The theme of the show was 1970s retro, and the staff and audience members alike dressed in character. Both Kimmel and Stamos were dressed in full costume for the entire show, Kimmel dressed as Gabe Kotter, the teacher from Welcome Back, Kotter, and Stamos as Vinnie Babarino, Kotter’s student. Kimmel pulled off a dated suit jacket and curly wig for the night while Stamos wore a red turtleneck, jean jacket, and shoulder length dark wig. Although their costumes were impressive, it ended up being Stamos’ 6-month-old son, Billy, that ended up stealing the night.

Kimmel began the interview by pulling out sweet pictures of Stamos’ new baby to show off to the audience. Though the child is undeniably cute, Kimmel cracked a few jokes about how he doesn’t look much like Stamos. Agreeing that his son definitely takes after his wife, Stamos went on to gush about how happy he has become since Billy’s birth.

“It’s just perfect, I’ve waited my whole life for this,” Stamos told Kimmel when discussing his new life as a dad.

“Isn’t he just the most beautiful baby?” Stamos said after his wife Caitlin McHugh brought the child on stage to join them. Kimmel agreed.

“This is the cutest baby I’ve ever seen. You gotta make more of these. I’m gonna keep this kid away from my daughter, that’s for sure,” Kimmel said, referring to his and wife Molly McNearney’s daughter 4-year-old, Jane.

Aside from discussing his life as a father, Stamos also gave Kimmel some details about how he met his bride, McHugh. He explained how he had actually known her for a number of years as they crossed paths while working on different projects. However, McHugh was actually engaged at the time so she and Stamos remained just friends, corresponding throughout the years about the work they were doing and the music they were listening to. It wasn’t until years later that she just so happened to be in the audience of a taping for Fuller House. The old friends got to talking and Stamos learned that McHugh was single. The stars finally aligned for the two to be together and the couple eventually became engaged.

Stamos is glad that everything worked out the way it was supposed to and that he landed the wife of his dreams.

“I’m so grateful and happy,” he said of her and their marriage.

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