New York Islanders Acquire Tim Thomas In Salary Cap Motivated Trade

NHL goaltender Tim Thomas has joined the New York Islanders in a trade with the Boston Bruins. Thomas led the Bruins to the 2011 Stanley Cup championship but missed the following season.

Under terms of the deal, the Bruins picked up a conditional second-round pick in 2014 or 2015.

According to ESPN:

“The move is believed to be purely a cap-related transaction. While the Bruins receive cap space from clearing the last year of Thomas’ four-year, $20 million contract from the books, the Islanders add some insurance to reach the cap floor.”

If Thomas does not play in the upcoming season, he will remain suspended as he was with the Boston Bruins. Under his suspension, the Islanders will still have to pay Thomas his actual salary. Because Thomas is playing under a 35-plus contract, his salary-cap charge counts regardless of his playing status.

If Thomas does not report, the New York Islanders can “toll” his contract.

When asked if Thomas wanted to play, New York Islanders general manager Garth Snow avoided the question, instead calling Thomas a “world-class goaltender” with a “great résumé.”

Thomas’ entire career was with the Boston Bruins where he completed 378 regular-season games with a winning 196-121-45 record and 31 shutouts.

Despite the obvious salary-cap maneuver, the NHL’s front office is not negatively viewing the trade.

Tim Thomas proved to be a distraction last season after he refused to attend a White House event for political reasons.

Tim Thomas’ indecision over sitting out the season also caused a lot of confusion and anger among Boston Bruins fans.

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