Top 10 Gadgets For 2009. A Christmas Buying Guide For Tech Junkies

If you can’t find that perfect gift for the tech loving person in your life we have listed a few options you may not have considered. From gaming systems to pico projectors and mobile phones, this is the Inquisitr Top 10 Gadgets List for 2009, a list composed of “mostly” readily available Gadgets that you can buy for your loved ones this Christmas.

1. PS3 Slim


While The Sony Playstation 3 has been around for a while, Sony recently released the Slim version of the device and at $299 users can beat the gaming systems Blu-Ray and Gaming Capabilities. If you have a gamer in your life who doesn’t have a PS3 or needs to replace their old console, this is a great and fairly cheap option. Also watch out for game bundles that are offered with some system sales.

2. Motorola Droid


While we love the iPhone, the Droid really does do everything users could want from a device and it does it with the hottest new mobile operating system on the market (Google Android 2.0). We love the feel of the device, the thousands of apps now offered for Google Android and the fact that AT&T isn’t shoving it in our faces. If you’re a Verizon customer this is the only phone you should be considering. Price: $199 with a two-year contract.

3. Flip Mino HD


This device comes with 4GB and 8GB options. Regardless of the size you choose you’ll love the small candybar style design with 720p recording capabilities and an upgraded mic that provides better (not perfect but improved) voice recording. While 1080P camcorders are still our number one choice, you can’t beat the starting price of $199. They’ve already received moderately good reviews, although if you need “professional quality” videography you’ll definitely want to look elsewhere, this is more for recording your kids school plays and family vacations.

4. Barnes Noble Nook


This device is one of our favorites for the year, but beware, it’s only worth the buy if you don’t mind giving it as a late present (January 15th expected delivery date). Even with the late date we couldn’t leave the device with it’s dual displays, including a 3.5 inch color LCD screen, e-Ink features and expandable memory off the list. We also couldn’t ignore the WiFi and AT&T 3G capabilities of the device and the ability to download full books for reading while in Barnes Noble stores and the devices sexy look that makes the Kindle look old fashioned.

5. Nintendo DSi


With the PS3 Slim taking our top console spot we felt it only fair to acknowledge Nintendo’s handheld gaming system. We love the inclusion of an integrated camera (even if it is only 0.3MP), the larger 3.25? screen (original had 3″), the MicroSDHC card slot that can playback audio and most importantly the new DSi shop, after all you can’t have a truly connected device these days without an App store of some kind.

6. Windows 7


Yeah I know the purist will say “that’s not a gadget” but software powers the top gadgets we use and Windows 7 finally fixed many of the gripes users had with Microsoft OS’s. We love the new user interface, jump lists, the taskbar with full screen previews, webslices, better device management, increased security that isn’t so obtrusive and many other features of the new OS. If you want to buy someone a product that will reduce their Windows Vista headaches a nicely wrapped copy of Windows 7 is a great way to go.

7. Apple Magic Mouse


It was a given that we’d like this option from Apple more than their crappy Mighty Mouse and we were right. The first mouse to feature touchpad use is ergonomically pleasing, orgasmic to look at and fairly cheap at $69. If you have a Mighty Mouse its time to ask Santa for the Magic Mouse, you’ll wonder how you lived without it all these years.

8. Novatel MiFi 2200


If you’re on the Sprint or Verizon networks and you travel a lot or you want a makeshift WiFi network for your home or business you need to buy this device. The MiFi 2200 turns your phones 3G into an impromptu WiFi network. Just be warned that downloading huge files can quickly zap your typical 5GB monthly data allowance. The device is very portable and extremely simple to use with quick network access at the core of the device.

9. PowerMat


If you have an iPod and two cell phones sitting around you might run into issues if you only have one wall outlet available. Then again why would you both plugging in your electronics to charge them when you can just place them down on a mat and let that device charge your electronics without any wiring. If you want to avoid clutter at home or the office this is a must have gadget for all of your electronics charging needs.

10. 3M MPro120

3M Mpro120

Pico projectors have been all the rage in 2009 and the 3M MPro120 was one of the most impressive mini projectors to grace retail locations. The unit can fit in your hand comfortably, yet it’s capable of creating images on surfaces from 8 to 50 inches away and it works with various device including cameras, phones and computers. For the traveling business person in your life who has everything this is a great option for $350.

Those are 10 of our top picks for 2009. There were many other gadgets that also received our attention, however these were units we got our hands on, thoroughly tested and found to be at the top of their class.

Feel free to add your own picks as a comment and we’ll put together a “users choice” list in the coming weeks.

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