Chelsea Houska’s Dad Randy Reacts To David Eason’s Shocking Gun Threats On Twitter

Randy Houska recently shared a new tweet in reference to shocking threats made against him by his former Teen Mom 2 co-star David Eason, the controversial husband of Jenelle Evans.

According to a November 1 report shared by Radar Online, Chelsea Houska’s father — who is a dentist — joked about David’s threats on his Twitter page shortly after David shared, and later deleted, a couple of clips. In the clips, Eason was allegedly threatening Randy Houska with guns — and his pit bull.

“LOL, maybe I should send a #ceaseanddesist,” Randy tweeted after seeing what David had said.

“He’s [Randy Houska is] not worried about that a**hole,” a source revealed to Radar Online on November 1. “He [David Eason] is only brave on the internet.”

As the insider revealed, Randy reportedly feels that David is all talk and is dishing out nothing more than empty threats.

As Teen Mom 2 fans may have seen, David and Randy’s feud erupted after Randy commented on a clip of Jenelle telling her fans and followers that she was having her jaw realigned. After the clip was shared, Randy pointed out that the only reason that Jenelle would need her jaw realigned was if it had been “un-aligned.”

While Randy never came out and said that it was likely David who unaligned his wife’s jaw, many of his fans and followers wondered about that exact possibility — due to the fact that Jenelle had accused her husband of assaulting her just weeks prior.

In his Instagram post, David told Randy that he could “pull teeth” and realign Randy’s jaw for free, going on to rhetorically slam Randy for allegedly talking about him.

“So you’re trying to tell me that some grown a** man who is supposedly happy in his life, he gotta keep talking s**t about me? Why though? Why you gotta keep talking s**t about me, Randy? Got nothing else to talk about?” Eason asked.

In his second video, David Eason spoke of the violence that he was capable of.

“I’m the villain. I got guns. Don’t f**k with me. I got vicious dogs. Very, very vicious,” he explained.

David then panned his camera down to showcase one of his dogs and said, “She will f**king get ’em.”

Earlier this year — after David went on an angry rant against the LGBT community, who he claims has no morals — MTV announced that they would no longer be featuring the father of three on their reality show.

Teen Mom 2 Season 9 is currently in production, and is expected to return to MTV later this year or early next.

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