‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nina Questions Valentin, Carly Threatens Ava, And Oscar’s Parents Won’t Give Up

General Hospital spoilers for the episode airing on Thursday, November 1, tease that things will be intense on many fronts. Ryan’s edging closer and closer toward making a bold move — and Ava is getting angrier about Kiki and Griffin by the day. Drew and Kim refuse to give up on Oscar, and Nina is struggling over her conflicted feelings regarding Valentin.

Nina and Valentin have spent some time together this week, and she admitted that she still loves him. However, she also insisted that after all that’s happened, they can’t go back to what they once were to one another.

In the sneak peek posted on Twitter, this conversation will move forward — and General Hospital spoilers note that Nina will question how she could ever believe Valentin. This will surely be in response to him attempting to promise that he would never hurt her again, or something of that nature.

Despite the difficulties that these two have faced, General Hospital spoilers have hinted that a reunion may be on the horizon for Nina and Valentin. People are still wary that Sasha will be the real deal in terms of being Nina’s biological daughter. For now, however, things seem to be slowly inching forward in having the newly-discovered daughter bond with her apparent mother.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, General Hospital spoilers reveal that Carly and Ava will have yet another tense confrontation. These two are never going to be friendly toward one another after all that’s gone down — and it looks like Carly will make some fresh threats toward her nemesis.

All signs point toward some major trouble brewing on the horizon involving Ava, largely thanks to Ryan. Now, it looks like viewers have to wonder if there might be reason to worry about Carly’s well-being in the midst of all of this as well.

Oscar’s illness will continue to cause waves throughout Port Charles. Drew will talk with his son, and make it clear he’s not giving up on him. General Hospital spoilers note that Kim will passionately talk about the difficult situation with Julian.

Elsewhere, Josslyn will talk with Cam about payback — and in all likelihood, this also has to do with Oscar. SheKnows Soaps indicates that Cameron is about to make a discovery, and it seems likely this discovery is connected to Josslyn’s frustrations.

Laura will share some concerns with Alexis about the costs that come with gifts from Cassadines, and Ryan will be making an impact of sorts on Laura’s event. General Hospital spoilers also suggest that there will be some scenes involving Michael and Chase growing closer — particularly as they continue to connect over their experiences with Nelle.

In addition, Jordan and Curtis are said to talk about some wedding-related details during Thursday’s show. There’s a lot of action packed into this November 1 episode, and General Hospital spoilers tease that there are explosive developments on the horizon that fans will not want to miss.

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