Teresa Giudice Upset At Husband Joe For Deportation: ‘Of Course I’m Very Angry’

Teresa Giudice is expressing how she feels after all of the drama that has gone down with her husband, Joe Giudice.

Joe is expected to be released from prison in March of next year — but when he gets out, he won’t exactly be going back to his New Jersey home with his family. On October 10, an immigration court ruled that Joe would be deported to Italy once he is released from prison. The reason for his deportation being that he never obtained American citizenship after coming here from Italy as a child.

Obviously, things have been very tough for Teresa and her kids — and the reality TV star recently opened up about it to People. In the interview, the mother of four says that both she and Joe are very strong — and they’re there for each other — but that still doesn’t stop her from being angry with Joe for how things have transpired.

“Of course I’m very angry. I’m just angry like a lot of things. I wish my husband would have crossed every T, dotted every I. There was also another person involved and nothing happened to that person, which is very sad.”

“There’s a lot of scenarios. I lost my mom. I’m angry about that. You know? I lost time with my mom, because I was away,” Teresa confessed. “There’s a lot. I lost time with my daughters while I was away. Children need their mom.”

Teresa also pointed out that when Joe went to prison, their daughter Adriana was six-years-old. Now, she’s already nine-years-old. Of course, she confesses that she is upset that Joe has missed so much time with his girls. She also says that she did remind him in the past to fill out paperwork at one time or another — but also that she wasn’t aware that he was not a citizen at the time that they were married.

“It was never on my radar. It’s not like I married an immigrant and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I have to make him an American citizen.’ Never thought of that at all,” she says.

She also added that Joe was just one year old when he came to the U.S., and that the responsibility of filing for citizenship should have fallen on the shoulders of Joe’s parents. Joe’s brothers and sisters were born in the United States, and so they are currently citizens and have no issues living within the country.

But right now, Teresa is taking the time to focus on her girls — Gia, 17, Gabriella, 14, Melania, 12, and Audriana, 9. The 46-year-old says that she needs to be strong for them because if she “crumbles up,” then it’s not going to be good for the girls. She says that she is focusing on trying to keep things as normal as possible, taking the girls to school activities and keeping them involved.

For now, Teresa Giudice is just taking things day by day.

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