Seth Myers’ Wife Alexi’s Halloween Costume Was Inspired By Her Son’s Unconventional Birth

Late night host Seth Meyers’ wife Alexi Ashe Meyers may have just won Halloween with her on-spot recreation of a pivotal moment in the couple’s relationship.

Meyers noted on Late Night with Seth Meyers that enough time has passed for his wife to be able to laugh at the circumstances surrounding the birth of their son Axel, as reported by E! Online. The site also shared a photo captured from YouTube of Alexi’s dramatic recreation.

“For those of you who haven’t heard, our son Axel was born in the lobby of our building,” comedian Seth Meyers said during the Halloween episode of Late Night Wednesday.

“That wasn’t the plan. It just…it happened. But we did for real have to call 911 because my wife had the baby in the lobby. So, firemen were basically the first people who helped deliver our baby,” he explained.

He then shared a photo from the birth, explaining the situation to viewers of the show.

“There’s Axel; he’s totally fine. There’s my wife. There’s me; I’m in a great mood,” he quipped.

So of course, when it came time for Halloween and the couple’s toddler son Ashe decided to be a fireman, it was time to make that pivotal memory last forever.

Meyers explained that his wife took Ashe down to the lobby of their building dressed as a fireman and they relived the moment Axel was born.

Meyers said his wife was more “chill” this time than when their son was initially brought into the world.

CNN reported back in April that Meyers’ wife had given birth in the lobby of the family’s apartment building.

Meyers revealed that Alexi’s labor progressed quickly and she told him and their midwife she wasn’t going to be able to make it to the Uber that Meyers had called to take them to the hospital.

“I’m trying to calm her down,” Meyers said. “I know because I’ve been through exactly one birth. I’m like, ‘This happens all the time.'”

“I looked at my wife, and the only way I could describe it was she looked like someone who was hiding a baby in a pair of sweatpants,” Meyers said laughing, realizing that his wife had already given birth before help could arrive.

He also revealed that son Ashe couldn’t quite make up his mind as to what he wanted to be for Halloween. Meyers revealed that both he and his wife asked their son several times what he wanted to be and he never answered, so they bought him a pizza costume. Then, all of a sudden, he said he wanted to be a lion.

Meyers’ take on the situation for viewers?

“He’s a lion disguised as a piece of pizza.”

By the way, if you were wondering about baby Axel’s costume, Meyers revealed he was dressed as cotton candy.

Late Night with Seth Meyers airs weeknights on NBC.

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