‘General Hospital’ Thanksgiving Preview Teases A Pizza Feast, More Baby Drama, And Ryan Mayhem

Now that Halloween is over, ABC’s General Hospital will now focus on November sweeps. and that includes their Thanksgiving episode. New details on what will be happening during the holiday before Christmas has been released. Despite all of the drama that surrounds the residents of Port Charles, they all seem to come together, for the most part, to give thanks on this special holiday.

ABC has just released some details on the special General Hospital Thanksgiving episode, according to Broadway World. Families will gather together to eat, drink, and share their love with each other. At least most of them will. You can always count on some kind of drama mixed in.

The preview reveals that Monica will take a different approach this year when it comes to the Thanksgiving meal. As seen in past years at the Quartermaine household, there is always chaos and confusion over the turkey dinner. Something always seems to ruin the big Thanksgiving feast that is supposed to await the family. But in the end, they always succumb to ordering pizza instead of the big turkey feast.

This year Monica will just accept her fate. That most likely means that she will not fight the urge to plan a huge turkey dinner with all of the fixings and will instead just plan on having pizza. That will certainly cut down on the stress and chaos. Or will it? Monica will arrange to have what is called a lavish, gourmet pizza-themed holiday this time, but that doesn’t mean everything will run so smoothly. It wouldn’t be a Quartermaine Thanksgiving without some type of mayhem. One thing that you can count on is the family coming together to sing “We Gather Together.” That tradition began years ago and it wouldn’t be the same without it.

In another part of town, the Corinthos family will be hosting their own dinner at their home. Michael will be there and it sounds like Carly will be inviting Brad and Lucas, along with baby Wiley, to the festivities. That will certainly cause a lot of anxiety for Brad considering that he will be the only one in the room who knows that their adopted child is actually Michael’s son. Michael will be holding baby Jonah and won’t even realize it.

Things will be going downhill for Ava Jerome pretty fast very soon. According to the preview, she will seal her fate when she lets serial killer, Ryan Chamberlain, get too close. The rumor that he will end up killing her daughter Kiki is looming, so the Thanksgiving holiday may just be the set up for his plan to cause complete chaos in Ava’s life.

There are others that are not highlighted in the Thanksgiving preview. Newcomers Willow and Sasha will have their first holiday in Port Charles. Nina will be sure to spend it with Sasha, but Willow may not have anyone. Maybe Michael will invite her to the Corinthos bash. That would certainly cause drama if she ends up to be the real baby Wiley’s birth mom.

What about Oscar who is divorcing his parents? It will be interesting to see who he spends Thanksgiving with. Keep watching General Hospital this month to see all of the heartwarming and drama-filled moments that will come up during the holiday season.

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