Kris Jenner Says That She Thinks She Wet Her Pants After Epic Scare On ‘Ellen’

There’s two things that Ellen DeGeneres is really, really good at — making jokes and scaring people.

As fans of the Ellen Show know, the talk show host regularly makes it her mission to scare the living daylights out of her guests. Sometimes, Ellen will scare celebrities during an interview on the show and other times, the scares will take place backstage. But one thing is for sure — a good scare always produces big laughs for Ellen viewers.

Earlier today, DeGeneres took to her Instagram account to share a video reel of scares behind the scenes from both her production crew and a few celebrities. The video is shot backstage at the show and a man dressed up as a monster-like creature pops out of a huge television box and scares those who are passing by.

Ellen scared Ciara and got a pretty good reaction out of her, but it was definitely Kris Jenner’s reaction that takes the cake. As Jenner and her crew walk by the box backstage, the creature pops up and Jenner absolutely loses it. In fact, the reality TV matriarch is so taken aback by the scare that she falls onto a dolly and needs to be helped up by boyfriend Corey Gamble.

Once Gamble helps Jenner back on her feet, she hunches over while laughing and admits that she thinks she may have wet herself.

“I think I wet my pants!”

So far, Ellen’s video has already earned her a ton of attention with over 1.1 million likes, 6.3 million views, and 51,000-plus comments. Some fans tagged their friends to watch the video while countless others told Ellen that they love her because she is so clever and hilarious.

“Too funny! You’re the best Ellen!!”

“Kris Jenner cracked me up!! ‘Oh, I think I wet my pants,'” another wrote.

“Thank god no one has a heart condition. Until now,” another one joked.

But when she isn’t busy scaring her fans and staff, Ellen does have a soft spot, especially when it comes to her wife, Portia de Rossi. As the Inquisitr recently reported, Ellen celebrated “National Coming Out Day” with a sweet post. In the image, Ellen and her wife sit in the interview chairs of Ellen’s show as they hold hands and lock lips. To go along with the photo, the talk show host wrote an equally as sweet caption.

“It’s the greatest gift you could give yourself. #NationalComingOutDay.”

The Ellen Show airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings.

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