Celine Dion Celebrates Halloween With Sweet Photo Of Three Sons

Just like everyone else, Celine Dion is getting in the holiday spirit.

As fans of the singer know, Celine likes to show off her goofy side from time to time on social media — and today was certainly no exception. Earlier this morning, Dion took to her Instagram account to celebrate the spooky holiday with an adorable image of herself and her three sons.

In the photo, Celine appears with her twins sons — Nelson and Eddy — as well as with 17-year-old son Rene Charles. Dion appears in the back as she holds her hand up in the air, giving the thumbs up signal. She rests her other hand on Rene Charles’ shoulder as he is dressed from head to toe in black. To his right sit his twin brothers, who are decked out in basketball gear.

But what makes the photo great is the fact that all four of them have fake Halloween teeth in their mouths. Celine goes on to warn her Instagram followers not to eat too much candy this year, because it’s clearly not good for your teeth. Just behind the family rests a giant inflatable horse, skeleton, and pumpkin buggy. The photo appears to have been taken at Dion’s home.

So far, the 50-year-old has earned a lot of attention from her millions of Instagram followers on her snapshot — attracting over 64,000 likes in addition to 500 plus comments in just a few short hours. Some fans commented to let Celine know how adorable her family is, while countless others chimed in to wish the singer a happy Halloween.

One fan took the time to write to Celine, saying, “Happy Halloween! Awesome family photo, much love to you and the boys.”

“Happy Halloween my dear! I love your teeth,” another wrote.

“Very scary, but cool photo. Happy Halloween,” one more commented.

This month, Dion has already had a lot to celebrate. As the Inquisitr shared last week, Celine celebrated the birthdays of her 8-year-old twins with a sweet family photo. In the image, the whole family appears together — and once again, Celine acts a little goofy. The mother of three holds a face mask over one of her sons while both twins throw up a peace sign. The caption of the sweet family photo is just as adorable as the photo itself.

“My sweet boys, you are turning 8 today and you make me proud every day,” Dion wrote on Instagram as her boys celebrated their birthday together on October 23. “I love you with all my heart and wish you a very happy birthday!”

Celine Dion is currently in the last year of her residency at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace, and will be performing through June of 2019.

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