‘General Hospital’ Hints That Willow Could Be Baby Wiley’s Birth Mom

There is a lot going on in Port Charles lately. General Hospital has been giving just a few slight hints on some of the big storylines, but not really enough to let the cat out of the bag. There are some mysteries that have yet to be solved and one of them is the question as to who gave up baby Wiley to be adopted by Brad and Lucas. The birth mother has yet to be revealed, but there was a development on Tuesday’s episode that could very well be a huge clue.

This whole mess of a baby swap between Brad and Nelle is still lingering. Michael is still grieving the loss of his newborn son Jonah, but little does he know that his child is living with Brad and Lucas under the name of Wiley. The real adopted child died before Brad even introduced the baby to Lucas, but along came Nelle who gave her baby with Michael to Brad to care for. Now General Hospital fans are trying to guess who the birth mother of the baby that died will be.

On Tuesday’s General Hospital, Willow Tait reappeared, but she was not sitting behind the desk in her classroom. The teacher was sitting in her car, and as indicated by She Knows Soaps, she was approached by Harrison Chase. She was obviously upset by something. She was found with a pamphlet on a grieving group, which just so happens to be the same one that Michael was thinking about going to.

The end of the episode showed both Willow and Michael walking in separately to take part in the group for people who are grieving a loved one. Viewers know that Michael has been dealing with the loss of Jonah, but what about Willow?

The only thing that is known so far about this new character is that she is Charlotte and Aiden’s school teacher. Her first appearance on General Hospital was her meeting with Elizabeth and Franco about Aiden. Now we know that she is grieving a loss.

People on social media have expressed their views that it is looking like she is the dead baby’s birth mother. That would ring true since she has obviously lost someone close. It’s common for a birth mother to feel a great loss when she chooses to give her baby up for adoption.

General Hospital spoilers have hinted that Willow will be involved with both Michael and Chase. She has already met Chase and there could be some romantic interest there. As for Michael, they will eventually meet each other in that support group and possibly form a connection.

If Willow is the birth mother, she will end up grieving even more when she finds out that her baby died. Brad has really messed up this time. Keep watching General Hospital to see Willow’s backstory start to come together, whoever she turns out to be.

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