Matt Lauer Has A Young Blonde Girlfriend He’s Whisking Away To His New Zealand Farm

Sources are sharing that Matt Lauer is coming out of his shell and publicly dating a “much younger” blonde despite the fact that his divorce from Annette Roque has not yet been finalized. Though the woman’s name has not been released, she is being described as “twenty-something.”

Radar Online is reporting that even though Lauer’s career is still in the toilet, his personal life is looking up as he has been seen on outings with the young blonde. Friends of Lauer say that he is even planning to take her to his New Zealand farm (which he owns with Annette Roque) when it gets colder on the East Coast.

“He’s sleeping with a young blonde in her 20’s in the Hamptons. It’s getting pretty serious. They’re even planning a winter getaway to New Zealand when it gets cold on the east coast.”

But anyone who thinks that this new relationship is irking Roque would be wrong because she’s enthusiastic about closing the door on her marriage to Lauer. A friend of Roque says that she is fine with Lauer dating whomever.

“Annette is thrilled he found a gal pal. She wants to be done with him. When Matt gets lonely he wants to get back together with her, and she doesn’t want that at all.

“The only two things Annette wants from Matt is her money, and to tell him good riddance once and for all.”

As for the name or identity of the twenty-something blonde, Matt Lauer’s friends are keeping their lips sealed, and allegedly, the much younger girlfriend’s parents don’t have a clue about her new paramour.

The Inquisitr reported in August that the former Today show host had been seen around the Hamptons with a woman who was definitely not Roque. Lauer was spotted getting aboard a boat in Sag Harbor with a date headed for Newport.

Some of Lauer’s friends say that they have seen Lauer with the woman before his Today show scandal, but nobody is sharing a name.

“They are going strong, but Matt is doing everything in his power to keep her a secret. He’s been working very hard to have a good relationship with his kids, so he’s worried about what they’ll think.”

Those who know Lauer say that he doesn’t want to do anything right now to upset his soon-to-be-ex, because the ink isn’t dry on their divorce agreement. He’s not sure whether dating a much younger woman would provoke her, but he doesn’t want to chance it.

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