Florida Man Arrested For Allegedly Assaulting Girlfriend While Dressed As Dinosaur

A 19-year-old Florida man was arrested for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend Saturday night. According to the cops, the man, Patrick Gallway, did it while wearing an inflatable dinosaur costume. The incident started when Patrick Gallway demanded that he and his girlfriend go to a Halloween party, and she told him she didn’t want to go, according to the Smoking Gun

The police report filed by the St. Lucie police department states that the girlfriend told Gallway that she thought she and Gallway should spend the evening with friends and watch movies versus going to the Halloween party. That’s when an argument was initiated between the pair, and Gallway proceeded to hurl his new cellphone on the couch, breaking parts of it. The girlfriend then walked out of the living room in an attempt to defuse the escalating argument.

That’s when the dinosaur-clad Gallway followed her and attacked her, according to the police report. The document states that Gallway shoved her to the ground and held her there by her neck. The report additionally states that he made punching motions and flailed his arms toward areas of her face while holding her down.

None of the motions made contact with the woman, and according to the police, Gallway eventually released his grip and she was able to get up. After the alleged dinosaur attack, the report states that the girlfriend said that he demanded that she go withdraw money from her bank account and reimburse him for his broken cell phone.

A Florida man wore a dinosaur costume during an alleged assault Saturday.

She “reluctantly agreed” to do so, according to the police, and the pair left in separate vehicles and went to the bank. She withdrew $20 from the bank, gave it to him, and he left. The girlfriend proceeded to drive to her friend’s home, and they convinced her during her visit to contact the police.

A patrolman noted while taking her statement that there were red marks present on the right side of the woman’s neck and upper torso. The victim informed the cops that she and Gallway were in a “strained relationship.”

Much of the police report is centered around the girlfriend’s account. However, a witness supported her account, and he told the cops that he had to pull apart the quarreling pair.

Patrick Gallway was pulled over by the police of St. Lucie County and arrested on Sunday when he returned to his home from the Halloween Party. The police noted that “the inflatable dinosaur costume was present in the front passenger seat” during his arrest.

The police charged the Florida man with battery, which is a misdemeanor. Gallway was released from custody on October 28.

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