Samantha Markle’s Podcast Press Release Claims She’s A ‘Victim,’ ‘Expert’ In Fake News, & A ‘Game Changer’

Meghan Markle’s half-sister, Samantha, has been making waves by giving tons of interviews and lashing out against the Duchess on social media. She seemed to take a step back after the news of the royal baby was announced, during which time the sister seemed to call a truce in order to give Meghan a peaceful pregnancy. However, it was only a few weeks before she launched a new attack on Meghan, claiming she lied in a speech she gave in Fiji about how she paid for her college tuition.

Now, the outspoken sister has publicized her new podcast launching on December 5 through a press release by Cain & Cain PR, published by IssueWire. The show will be called “What’s Up With That,” and promises to cover topics like cyberbullying, multiple sclerosis, along with social media and fake news.

The press release also details that Samantha is an “expert in identifying and exposing the tabloid Media dubbed ‘Fake News.'” She even calls herself a “FAKE NewsPrenuer,” which is a new term that she supposedly came up with.

Moreover, the statement says that the sister has “[become] a victim of outright cruelty and threats beyond the norm through social media. She has decided to no longer be a victim, to utilize her platform, and to further bring awareness to the onslaught of abuse and misuse of Cybercrimes globally.”

It also explains that the sister was “thrust in the limelight as a result of her sister Duchess Meghan Markle’s marriage to Prince Harry.” Additionally, it says that “Samantha Markle simply stated is A GAME CHANGER!”

It’s hard to know how many people will end up listening to the podcast, and how much of it will focus on her famous sister. Some of the royal fans who are on Meghan’s side accused Samantha of being the one who is cyberbullying her sister. This is what one user said in response to the announcement.

“LOL You’ve got to be kidding me!? You’ve been publicly attacking the Duchess of Sussex for two years, in interviews and in thousands of tweets, where you’ve called her every name imaginable for the crime of not having anything to do with you.”

Moreover, it’s interesting that the sister says that she was “thrust” into the limelight. After all, Prince Harry initially advised Thomas to keep his distance from the media. It was only after Thomas decided to pursue payment for staged photos that the family dynamic began to disintegrate. Samantha began to give interviews and produced some bold tweets, many of which were derogatory towards the Duchess, which further fueled the fire.

For now, we’ll have to wait and see what happens with Samantha’s new podcast.

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