Former ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Wears Nipple Tape At Adult Halloween Party With Her Daughter

Farrah Abraham took her 9-year-old daughter with her to a Halloween party at a nightclub on Saturday night and shared a clip from their night out.

According to an October 29 report from The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, the former Teen Mom OG cast member was dressed in a sheer lingerie outfit with nothing but a few strategically placed pieces of tape covering her nipples.

“We’re getting ready to go out,” Abraham said in the clip. “It’s lit.”

Both Abraham and her daughter sported heavy face makeup to go with their outfits and appeared to be having a great time until Abraham panned down the camera and zoomed into her left breast and later waved goodbye to her online audience.

The Ashley went on to reveal that Abraham later posted another video on her Instagram page which seemed to have been taken at a giant nightclub party. As the outlet explained, Abraham and Sophia seemed to be heading to the event in the first clip.

As soon as her first post was shared, Abraham’s fans and followers went after her for bringing her daughter to an adult party, and for wearing such an inappropriate outfit in front of her.

“Poor Sophia…she should be with kids her age not her sk*nky mom!” one person wrote.

“Pathetic you take your nine-year-old out to party with you because you don’t have a man or any friends!” another said. “What a loser you are!”

“Why don’t you act like a mother and stop making her think she’s a 17-year-old?” someone asked.

As fans continued to flood Farrah Abraham with comments about her behavior and her outfit, many suggested the former Teen Mom star chose to bring her young daughter with her everywhere only because she doesn’t have any friends her own age.

“Farrah taped her nipples, wore a see-thru outfit and took her daughter to an adult party,” one of her followers noted. “Farrah is all about Farrah…she has no friends…all she has is a cell phone full of pics with people don’t engage with her …no man to come home to.”

“Stop acting like that nine-year-old is your wingman or your party pal,” another person commented. “She’s a child. She should doing things with kids her own age, not going to club parties with adults.”

Teen Mom OG Season 8 airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. on MTV. Farrah Abraham was fired from the reality series during an episode this past March.

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