Brazilian Soccer Star Daniel Correa Freitas Found Dead, Nearly Beheaded With Genitals Severed

The brutally murdered body of Brazilian soccer player Daniel Correa Freitas was discovered in a bush in his native country on Saturday, October 27. He was just 24-years-old.

According to the Brazilian website Banda B, residents of São José dos Pinhais, a city in the state of Parana, who had walked by the decomposing body were the ones to alert the police. The midfielder was found on a dirt road in a rural area of the city at an infamous location where corpses have been dumped before.

Freitas had multiple stab wounds, including two deep cuts in his neck that nearly severed off his head, and his penis had been completely cut off of his body.

If that wasn’t enough, cops also believe he was dragged about 100 feet.

Edimilson Pereira, a superintendent with the police force, said that he thinks the person who committed the murder was incredibly angry and tortured Freitas until he suffered a very painful death.

Officials will be thoroughly investigating the crime.

Freitas began his professional soccer career in 2013 with Botafogo. He joined the São Paulo organization in 2015.

The Bleacher Report noted that, at the time of his death, he was playing for the São Bento team. Freitas, on loan to the second-division team, had only played in two of 21 possible games and was nearing the end of his deal with the organization.

“São Paulo Football Club deeply regrets the death of midfielder Daniel Correa Freitas,” the team stated, in Portuguese, on Twitter.

“The club sympathizes and pays condolences to the athlete’s family.”

Several of the other Brazilian soccer teams in the league also tweeted their condolences. The Inquisitr has translated their Portuguese posts into English.

“Botafogo regrets the death of their former athlete Daniel Correa Freitas and expresses solidarity with his friends and family,” the soccer club said on Twitter.

“The Fortaleza sport club regrets the premature death of athlete Daniel Correa Freitas,” said the team on Twitter. “We want strength and lots of light for the friends and family of the player.”

“The Black Bridge Athletic Association deeply regrets the death of midfielder Daniel Correa Freitas,” the soccer team said on Twitter. “Our sentiments are with the athlete’s family and friends.”

“The sport club Vitória regrets the death of athlete Daniel Correa Freitas, who played for São Bento,” the organization said on Twitter. “We wish for light and strength for the athlete’s family and friends.”