‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Appears To Have A Bruised Collarbone After Accusing David Eason Of Assault

Jenelle Evans kept her collarbone hidden from her fans and followers on social media for weeks after accusing her husband, David Eason, of an assault.

In posts shared on her Instagram page after their October 13 encounter, Evans was seen only in high-necked shirts and turtlenecks. Then, over the weekend, she appeared in a YouTube video in which she was seen in a tank top.

“If it’s a bruise, it must have been pretty gnarly in the beginning it still seems to have a purplish color to it after a week or so of healing,” one person wrote on reddit, according to a October 29 report from Radar Online.

“I see it, but it could be a shadow. I hope so,” another added.

Even in her YouTube video, in which she was wearing a tank top, Evans covered the left side of her collarbone with her hair.

Several days after Evans was allegedly attacked by Eason at their North Carolina home, her 911 call was released. In the clip, the Teen Mom 2 cast member told the dispatcher about what her husband had allegedly done to her.

“My husband he just assaulted me. He pinned me down on the ground in the yard. I think I heard my collarbone crack. I can’t move my arm,” she revealed.

Then, days after the 911 call was made public, Jenelle Evans shared a video on YouTube in which she said that she didn’t understand why her fans and followers believed that she was in an abusive relationship.

In her YouTube confessional clip, Jenelle Evans assured her fans that she was “completely fine,” despite the fact that she had revealed shocking details about her husband’s alleged assault just weeks prior.

“I’ve been off social media this past week and it’s been really beneficial to me. It really helped out with me just disconnecting from all the hate and everything that’s in the news right now,” she said. “I know everyone is concerned about me and everyone wants to know, ‘Is she okay, how are the kids?’ Everything is fine.”

Evans then suggested that she would never, ever put up with an abusive relationship.

“I’ve been in so many domestic violence situations in the past that I would not put up with it now. I don’t know why you guys think I would continue to stay in this relationship if I was being abused,” she said.

Jenelle Evans and her family are in production on Teen Mom 2 Season 9, which is expected to return to MTV sometime later this year or early next.

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