Meghan King Edmonds Gives Fans A Few Important Tips After Four Years Of Marriage To Jim Edmonds

With four years of marriage under her belt already, Meghan King Edmonds is sharing some tips with her fans in hopes of also helping their relationships.

The former Real Housewives of Orange County star recently took to her blog to share a few things that she has already learned over the first few years of her marriage to former MLB star Jim Edmonds. Five turned out to be the magic number in the blog post as Edmonds shared five tips that she learned with her readers.

The first tip the 34-year-old gave her blog followers was “He’s not you – don’t expect him to be.” On this point, Edmonds gave a few examples like “maybe you’re a neat freak,” or “maybe you like trying new dishes.” But, she made sure the remind readers that just because you like things a certain way doesn’t mean that your husband does, too.

“Let these things slide and hopefully, he will remember to close the bedroom door some nights, and, if he doesn’t, take a breath and hold your tongue because you didn’t marry your clone.”

Next, Edmonds tells readers that all couples like different things in terms of showing love. For example, her husband Jim enjoys doing acts of service like washing her car or the kitchen to show his love but Meghan says she prefers to go to a nice dinner and put the cellphones away. Meghan reminds couples that it is okay to nudge your spouse in the right direction but you also need to embrace what your spouse perceives as an act of love.

Another thing that Meghan finds important? Taking time for your relationship.

“Relationships are hard and take work. They need vacations, too. Unplug and engage; your renewed devotion to your marriage will invigorate your soul,” the reality star says.

Next, Edmonds reminds readers that no marriage is perfect and it’s okay to allow it to be flawed. This day and age, a lot of people are obsessed with social media and what appears to be picture perfect relationships on the platform. But, marriages are always a work in progress and couples should be able to work through differences as they come.

And last but not least? Always support your spouse and validate his hard work. When he does small acts of love like taking the dog to the vet or changing your child’s diaper or something of that nature, it goes a long way since these things make your life easier.

“Encourage his activities outside of your relationship so that he is well-rounded, confident and can appreciate your marriage even more,” Edmonds shared.

Sounds like Meghan has got things pretty well figured out despite it still being early in her marriage.

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