Playstation Classic Announces Full Games Lineup

It seems major brand manufacturers have been trying to capitalize on the nostalgia of consumers lately. Gaming giant Nintendo released a miniature version of its 1985 NES system packed with classic games earlier this year and soon after, Sony announced its own tiny throwback system.

Last month, the company announced it would be releasing the PlayStation Classic, which would come pre-loaded with 20 games. At the time of the announcement, Sony was tight-lipped about the games that would be included on the system but according to Forbes, the titles have now been released.

The PlayStation Classic will look just like the original 1994 PlayStation with the same button and logo placements but will be 45 percent smaller. The mini system will come with an HDMI cable to facilitate an easy connection to gaming displays/televisions, two mini wired controllers, and a virtual memory card to save game process between titles.

And speaking of titles, the company revealed that the U.S. version of the PlayStation Classic will ship with the following games: Battle Arena Toshinden, Cool Boarders 2, Destruction Derby, Grand Theft Auto, Intelligent Qube, Metal Gear Solid, Mr. Driller, Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee, Rayman, Resident Evil (Director’s Cut), Revelations: Persona, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, Syphon Filter, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, and Twisted Metal.

These titles will be added to the previously announced Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash!, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3, and Wild Arms.

Gaming enthusiasts have deemed the lineup of games fairly solid but have expressed disappointment at the absence of more popular PlayStation video games. Forbes pointed out that hugely popular games, including Crash, Tomb Raider, Tony Hawk, Silent Hill, were missing from the list and could ultimately affect the system’s sales.

Nintendo had “astonishing success” with its NES Classic and SNES Classic systems, both consoles were initially released in a limited edition run and flew off the shelves, according to a report from Fortune. However, it is believed the Sony system may not reach the same heights of success.

“The PlayStation Classic will employ new technology to make the console more compact and eliminate the need for CD-ROM discs and memory cards. But in some ways, the new design falls short of some of the features offered by the original PlayStation,” Business Insider’s gaming reporter Kevin Webb said.

It’s also worth noting that the bundle does not come with an AC adaptor, which means it’ll likely be powered by a USB cable via USB AC Adaptor and the controllers will not come with the analog stick design.

The system is currently available for pre-order online and costs $99, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. It is expected to ship on December 3, just in time for the holiday season.

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