‘Strictly Come Dancing Fans’ Livid Rita Ora Brought Her Own Dancers To Show

Twenty-seven-year-old Rita Ora appeared on Sunday night’s episode of Strictly Come Dancing in the U.K., but many fans were not happy about the fact that the pop singer decided she needed to bring her own dancers to perform with her while she sang instead of using the show’s professional dancers.

According to Daily Mail, fans generally look forward to their favorite dancers taking the stage when guest artists perform, but when Ora stepped out to sing her latest song ‘Let You Love Me,’ she had shunned the tradition in favor of her own team of dancers. Fans quickly slapped back at Ora, calling her “rude” for the perceived slight.

So far, viewers of the popular dance competition have been treated to a number of popular performers taking the Strictly stage over the years, including the likes of Backstreet Boys, Gladys Knight, and George Ezra, all of whom made use of the dancers on the show for their sets.

Fans took to social media to share their displeasure at Ora’s decision to use her own dancers.

“Really annoyed that Rita Ora used her own dancers on Strictly tonight. I look forward to seeing the pros dancing to the big stars’ singing every week, and they always do, even the really big names. What makes Rita so precious? Grrr. #strictly,” wrote one irate fan, with another adding, “If you’re gonna perform on Strictly I want two professionals dancing beside you. #Strictly.”

Some fans did come out in defense of Ora, with one writing, “Yes yes… I know she brought her own dancers, BUT that was a brilliant performance from @RitaOra. Always delivers. #Strictly,” to which Ora actually responded, thanking him for his praise. Another explained that there could be a very good reason the singer decided to bring her own dancers instead of using the professionals on the show.

“She would already have her own backing dancers. She was dancing in amongst them and she can’t do that if she has some SCD dancers doing a performance around her. They would also have rehearsals together which would be impossible given the dancers’ timetables. Love her track (sic).”

Ora wore a stunning princess ball gown for the occasion, looking ghostly in the white dress for Halloween. The garment featured a diamante-embellished corset top with a poofy tulle skirt. She also wore ample jewels around her neck with a large necklace that cascaded down her chest.

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