Why Didn’t ‘Shameless’ Air Tonight? Season 9 Return Date Revealed

If you didn’t catch the previews at the end of last week’s episode of Shameless, you may have been surprised when you tuned into Showtime tonight only to realize there was not a new episode of Season 9 airing.

Unfortunately, you can consider your Sunday nights free for the remainder of the year, as Shameless is currently on their mid-season hiatus or “Hi-Beer-Nation” as they put it at the end of last week’s episode.

According to Showtime’s Shameless Twitter page, the Season 9 return date is Sunday, January 20. In the video clip the network shared on social media announcing the mid-season hiatus, Emmy Rossum assured fans of the series “not to worry” because “Gallaghers don’t go away that easy.”

Warning: The rest of the article contains spoilers.

As those who turned into the fall finale of Season 9 know, Fiona essentially crashed and burned after having a pretty successful stint. After discovering “Patty” on her boyfriend Ford’s secret phone was not his mother, but his wife, Fiona (Rossum) lost it.

Already intoxicated, the combination of being drunk and being emotional caused her to wreck her car after learning that not only was Ford married, but he had a child.

Moreover, Fiona is also dealing with the fact that she owes her business partner $25,000, or she is at risk of losing the money she has already invested in the real estate project.

Once Debbie (Emma Kenney) learned what happened, she made it her mission to fix things for her older sister. Initially, Fiona hesitated to let Debbie help her. Debbie, however, pointed out that she was not a child anymore. In fact, she had a child and wanted to help her sister for all the times her older sister was there to take care of her.

Debbie reached out to some criminal friends who could make her vehicle disappear, allowing Fiona to file a claim with her insurance that it was stolen. Debbie also enlisted the help of her friends to build a billboard and pedestal to trap a pantless Ford in.

Once her masterpiece was complete, Debbie took the entire Gallagher crew to see what she had done. She presented Fiona with a paintball gun that she used to shoot Ford in the bare behind until the police showed up.

The moral of the story for the episode was clear – you mess with one Gallagher, you’ve messed with all the Gallaghers. Nine seasons into the series, and the entire Gallagher clan has made it clear time and time again they are always willing to go to bat for each other.

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