Amy Schumer Compares First Trimester To Gluttony From ‘Se7en’

Ever since the news recently broke that Amy Schumer was with child, she has made it clear her career in comedy was not a sacrifice she was willing to make. The 37-year-old comedian recently took to Instagram to poke fun at her first trimester by comparing it to the deadly sin gluttony from the movie Se7en.

The black and white photo Schumer shared with her 7.3 million Instagram followers featured the mom-to-be face planted in a bowl with several empty plates and an empty bowl surrounding her on the table. Amy donned a hoodie and her hair looked unkempt in a ponytail.

On the bottom half of the photo, Schumer held up a snapshot of gluttony from Se7en which looked eerily similar to her own picture.

In less than 12 hours, the photo accumulated over 135,000 likes and over 2,000 comments. For the most part, Amy’s followers really seemed to connect with the photo. The comment section contained a blend of people who found her ability to hold on to her humor during her pregnancy to be incredible, as well as mothers who had gone through pregnancy themselves that just really related to the post.

“It’s like looking in a mirror. I’m [in] My second but still feels like the first,” one individual chimed in agreeing this is how every first trimester feels.

“Only six more deadly sins to go. You got this,” a second quipped trying to add to the joke.

Some of Amy’s followers took the time to congratulate her and her husband, Chris Fischer, on their pregnancy. Others talked about how excited they were to see what kind of spin being a mother would put on her comedy.

“Congratulations!!!!! I can’t wait for the funny stories you will have,” a third chimed in.

Schumer’s post poking fun at the intensity of the first trimester comes just days after she announced her pregnancy on Instagram.

The Se7en crime scene photo displayed on the bottom half of her photo features an obese man who was forced to eat until the food ruptured his stomach causing him to pass away.

For those who haven’t seen the film, the obese man was the first victim investigated during a string of murders themed after the seven deadly sins – hence the name of the film. The film featured detectives Somerset and Mills played by Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt.

This will be the first child for Amy and Chris. While her exact due date hasn’t been revealed, fans and media outlets speculate it to be somewhere between May and March.

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