Iman Opens Up About Why She’ll Never Remarry After Husband David Bowie’s Death

It’s been over two years since Iman lost her husband, David Bowie, to cancer. The pair were married 24 years before he passed and they have one daughter together, 18-year-old Alexandria. The 63-year-old former supermodel spoke recently about the loneliness she still feels and why she doesn’t see herself ever marrying again.

Billboard reports that among the things Iman says she still doesn’t deal with well is condolences offered by perfect strangers who never knew her husband.

“People take pictures of me in the street, and say (touching my arm), ‘I am so sorry for your loss. I’m like, don’t touch me. You just took pictures of me, how can you be sorry?”

She explained that while she understands that many still grieve the loss of a great musical talent they admired, it is completely different from the grief she and Alexandria still experience every day, saying, “They have lost someone they look up to; we have lost a husband and a father.”

Iman admitted that she has lonely moments according to People. She spoke of people calling her strong and said that, in reality, she’s “just trying to keep it together.” She added that she won’t every marry again because she still views David Bowie as her husband.

“I will never remarry. I mentioned my husband the other day with someone, and they said to me, ‘You mean your late husband?’ I said, no, he is always going to be my husband.”

Iman also spoke about being the mother of Bowie’s child and how it affects decisions she makes for Alexandria (also known as Lexi). As an example, she told of numerous phone calls she received after a photo of Lexi appeared on Instagram. Modeling agencies and designers were calling, telling Iman that they would love for Lexi to model for them if she were interested, but Iman turned them down.

“I know why they wanted her to model — it’s because she’s David Bowie’s daughter,” she said.

Iman walked away from her modeling career in 1989. When asked why, she provided a candid response, saying that there were two reasons. The first was that she wanted to do more so she walked away so she could pursue new ventures. The second was that she “had Linda and Naomi and Christy and Cindy behind me, and they were going to push me out anyway, so I had to leave with grace.”

After leaving modeling, she did pursue new ventures, including launching her own line of cosmetics, one of the first diverse and inclusive cosmetics lines. It’s something in which she said she takes pride.

“Now, every brand has 40 shades of foundation, but Iman Cosmetics was one of the first that changed the way we think about cosmetics. That will be my legacy, and I am very happy to be remembered that way.”

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