‘General Hospital’ Fans Are Convinced That Newcomer Daisy Is Trouble For Oscar And Kristina

General Hospital introduced a new character by the name of Daisy, played by actress Kelsey Wang. All that is known about her is that she shows up to Charlie’s Pub quite often, loves concerts in the park, and she snoops in on phone conversations. This girl seems perky and helpful, but there could be more than meets the eye, and it could spell trouble soon.

Daisy hasn’t been seen much. However, Thursday’s episode of General Hospital had this new character popping up once again at Charlie’s, where she apparently likes to hang out. As SheKnows Soaps indicated, she went over to chat with Kristina again and invited her to a bonfire. This time Kristina was more receptive.

Kristina has yet to find her way in life and has been left with feelings of discouragement. That also led to her stealing some booze from the bar and drinking by herself in the park. Many viewers think that those two girls will end up together, but there could be a different angle in this storyline.

Daisy also interacted with another needy character. Oscar Nero is trying to be all grown up by divorcing his parents, Drew and Kim, in order to be in complete charge of his medical care. His brain tumor is expected to eventually take his life and he wants to go his own way, not how his parents want. Now he is scrambling to find somewhere else to live and it seems that Daisy has the perfect answer.

She overheard his conversation and invited him to stay at her place with a few other occupants. She told him there is one extra bed for him. He quickly accepted the offer without even knowing who this girl is. General Hospital fans are now convinced that Daisy is either going to lead Oscar and Kristina into some type of cult, or get them hooked on drugs. Or it could be both.

“Anyone else thinking cult with that Daisy girl?! She’s too nice. Free concerts in the park. Bonfires. A house where everyone pays what they can. Something ain’t right. And Oscar & Kristina are ripe for the picking. Lost. Desperate to feel valued. #GH,” one person on Twitter wrote.

That seems to be the consensus on this young lady who is way too bubbly and nice. There will be more to learn about her coming soon on General Hospital. Daisy could very well be the helpful girl she claims to be or she has some type of sinister plot with Oscar and Kristina will falling into her trap. Stay tuned.

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