Jessa Duggar Explains Why She Posts Photos Of Her Boys And Not Husband Ben

It seems that Jessa Duggar has once again felt that she had to clap back to a comment made on social media concerning her family. This recent one had to do with her husband of almost four years, Ben Seewald. This girl is not afraid to speak out when she feels the need to.

The Duggar daughter just recently posted a short video clip on Instagram of her younger son Henry playing with a toy airplane. He is sweetly making his own sounds as he plays with it. You can seem him pretending to make it fly, in his own way of course, and landing it on their coffee table. So, how did this all get turned around to include Ben?

Amidst all of the comments that stated how adorable the little boy is, one person asked Jessa why Ben hasn’t been seen in any photos for a while. She took that as a question referring to their marriage as the mom-of-two snapped back her explanation as to why her husband has been AWOL on social media. Jessa Duggar wrote a lengthy reply saying that her boys are usually the focus of her attention most of the time just because she is with them so much.

“Looking back over posts from the past few years, I guess we could also ask, ‘Where is Jessa? Why don’t we see her anymore?’ The little boys overload my Instagram simply for the fact that I’m with them nearly 24/7, and I am already capturing these moments for our own home video. Sometimes it’s fun to share the boys milestones and sweet moments!”

That certainly explains things. Many other moms commented that they also overload their social media with their kids because they are so much fun and always available. At the end of her comment, Jessa added that she and Ben are just fine.

“But rest assured, Ben and I are madly in love and our marriage is thriving and wonderful,” the Counting On star wrote.

Another person mentioned that maybe that comment inquiring on the whereabouts of Ben may not have been a reference to their marriage, but just an awareness that he has not been seen in photos or even his own accounts for many months. It appears that Ben Seewald is not really as much into social media as his wife or the rest of the Duggar family are. He may just leave all of that to Jessa. Or it could be that this couple just enjoys sharing their two boys with the world instead of themselves. There is one video that Jessa posted on Twitter in August showing Ben playing in cardboard boxes with the boys. So, there’s that. He isn’t totally gone from social media.

Whatever the case may be, there doesn’t seem to be any trouble in paradise. Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald are still going strong, despite the non-existence of snapshots.

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