NFL Trade Rumors: LeSean McCoy Could Return To The Eagles If The Price Is Right, Adam Caplan Reports

LeSean McCoy could still make a return to Philadelphia — depending on how much the Eagles are willing to pay to make it happen.

The Buffalo Bills have moved fully into rebuilding mode after moving up in the draft to take raw rookie quarterback Josh Allen and suffering a series of unexpected departures that have grounded their offense. The playoffs are quickly becoming out of the picture for Buffalo, leading to rumors that they may be willing to part ways with McCoy for a return that would help them continue to rebuild.

Reports earlier this month indicated that the Eagles have expressed at least some cursory interest in trading for McCoy. As NFL insider Adam Caplan said this week, it will all come down to whether the Eagles are willing to pay the price necessary to bring him back. The team is in need of a running back after placing Jay Ajayi on injured reserve, and McCoy would appear to be one of the best available.

Though Caplan conceded that the idea of McCoy returning to the team that drafted him is “more a media thing” than a legitimate rumor, he noted there would be several advantages to grabbing McCoy.

“Would he fit? They know the player, he comes in and knows the playbook. They drafted him,” he said (via 247 Sports).

Caplan said he knows that LeSean McCoy would be available, the only question is would Buffalo be willing to accept something less than their asking price to give him up or would the Eagles be willing to pay a very steep price for him. As BillsWire reported earlier in the month, the Bills initially set the price for McCoy at a second and a third-round pick — which many noted appeared to be a “we don’t want to trade him” price.

But the Bills may have the market on their side. Teams have been increasingly willing to part ways with high draft picks for proven talent, with the Raiders dealing Amari Cooper to the Dallas Cowboys for a first-round draft pick.

Though the Buffalo Bills are not headed anywhere near the playoffs this year, LeSean McCoy likely still holds more value to the team than the draft picks they would receive for trading him. The team’s offense has been stagnant at times, and Allen’s development could be stunted if the team trades away a running back who is often the team’s only effective player on offense.

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