‘General Hospital’ Halloween Horror Promo Has Ryan Claiming His First Victim

Halloween week is expected to be one frightening mess on General Hospital with Ryan Chamberlain finally grabbing his opportunity to terrorize Port Charles once again. He is about to strike in the coming days and anyone could be a target.

The new promo that was put up on the General Hospital ABC site is said to be a GH daytime event. The scary preview starts out with former Ferncliff nurse Mary Pat’s voice saying, “Who knows what the future will bring.” The next scene has Laura and Carly peeking through a window of the room that is most likely the one next to where Carly was being held in. It was revealed a few weeks ago that Ryan Chamberlain was the patient who was sending her the SOS messages through the wall. It looks empty now, but little does Laura know that her husband is actually in a padded cell, not the man living with her.

The next voice you hear is that of Ryan himself. He notes that this night will be unforgettable. That is not something you want to hear coming from an unsuspecting serial killer. Felicia is back in town, as she is seen helping with a Halloween party. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Franco is supposed to be planning a party for the kids and it looks like Felicia is helping out with that.

Unfortunately, someone in Port Charles is about to lose their life. A body is expected to be discovered this week and by the look on Carly’s face in the promo, it will be a shock. Ava is seen in the background behind Carly as well. Speaking of Ava, she is also seen in a quick peek looking scared herself. Ryan could be after her as more spoilers say that he sets his sights on Ava.

Ryan is then heard saying that they let him get away with murder. A sharp hook is then revealed as the murder weapon. They also flash to the halls of Ferncliff with someone who looks to be Ryan roaming the halls. He could be looking for his next victim. There seems to be a strong suggestion by everything that has been happening these past few days that his first victim could be Mary Pat. She has just burst back on-screen, picking up her belongings after she was fired from the mental facility. She had a run in with Laura and Carly as well.

Ryan may think that she could spill the beans about Kevin’s twin being there all these years and decides to kill her. She may be the one that Chase finds this week, which would account for Carly’s strong reaction.

With the rumor that Kiki Jerome will be killed by the hands of Ryan Chamberlain looming, General Hospital fans are bracing for a turbulent ride soon. Stay tuned for a frightful week on GH.

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