Mariah Carey Surrounded By Creepy Clowns In Photo From Japan

World-renowned pop singer Mariah Carey was scaring up some spooky entertainment in Osaka, Japan, in a recent Instagram share. Taking to the popular social media platform moments ago, the starlet shared a picture to her 7.3 million fans and followers that had a decidedly creepy composition.

In the image, Mariah is looking as fashionable as ever, wearing a fitted Gucci shirt and a shapely leather jacket overtop in glossy black. Her signature dirty blonde locks are pulled back into a braided ponytail which winds its way about her neck and shoulders, resting on her collar. Accessorizing with a designer label hat that features a roaring tiger and a pair of prominent white hoop earrings, Carey embodies the concept of cool and collected casual chic.

Joining Mariah Carey in the photographic frame are her two children — fraternal twins Moroccan and Monroe — who she shares with Nick Cannon. Moroccan is wearing a Nike hoodie as well as a rather perturbed expression on his face, while Monroe is showing a bit of excited anxiety to the camera while donning a Gucci pullover. It appears that Moroccan is ready to take on the circus act surrounding him, while Monroe is a little bit more trepidatious about the idea.

Both children sport cute curls, courtesy of their famous mother.

The family is surrounded by a bevy of brutal looking clowns, covered in faux blood and bearing evil expressions on their painted faces. Those afflicted by coulrophobia — a phobia of clowns — may do well to avoid this particular group in Osaka. Each clown wears shredded carnival clothing, broad stripes and polka dots patterning their depleted garments. Neon orange, green, blue, and yellow noses jut from their grotesque faces, and high shocks of brightly colored hair fly free from their receding hairlines. Some of the clowns feature false knives embedded in their skulls, implying that they are, in fact, undead performers.

Mariah Carey is in Japan for a tour of the island nation, according to Eventful. Her short musical tour of Osaka and Tokyo will take place between October 29 and October 31, as HipJpn details.

Hopefully, the singer finds a more receptive audience this time around, as in 2014 some concertgoers were less than impressed by Carey’s vocal performance, as the Mirror relays.

“It’s a wrap for Mariah Carey’s singing career,” one fan in attendance wrote of the showing five years ago.

“Mariah Carey should’ve bowed out right when her voice was giving out. Save herself the embarrassment,” another chimed in with their own criticism.

Video of the poor performance, captured by TMZ, made headlines at the time.

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