Apple’s Mac Mini And MacBook Air To Get New Models Alongside New iPads [Rumor]

It is as official as rumors get without pictures. Apple is going to address some major holes in two of their product lines in just a couple of days. The consensus has coalesced around three products: iPad Pro, MacBook Air replacement, and Mac mini.

iPad Pro

If you are in the market for a new iPad Pro, wait. New ones are going to be announce in a couple of days. They will be substantially different from the current ones. Besides being ridiculously powerful with new bespoke silicon, it will have greatly reduced bezels with Face ID.

The Face ID implantation will be better on the new iPad Pro than on the iPhone. That is because it will work in both orientations. It currently only works in portrait orientation on the iPhone. Super sleuth, Guilherme Rambo at 9TO5Mac has sniffed out confirmation in the iOS 12.1 code confirming dual orientation.

MacBook Air

The iPad Pro is expected to undergo a radical change. But that change will be nothing compared to what is expected for the MacBook Air. That is because the Air is expected to disappear altogether and be replaced by something new.

The Verge calls it a MacBook Air successor, not an update. The entire laptop product line is being affected by the current Air. Even the naming scheme no longer makes any sense. The idea of the MacBook Pro is strained by the presence of the low end Pro with function keys. It was presented as more of a competitor to the Air.

The MacBook name suggests the mainstream vision of what the line should be. Yet the 12? MacBook is anything but. It is an under powered, small specialty model unsuited for the masses.

The mass model MacBook is the Air. But it is sporting four year old components that were out of date at the time. Even its appearance has gone from classic to anachronistic, and it is holding the rest of the line back. By all accounts, Apple is going to fix it by creating something entirely new to reinvigorate the entire laptop lineup.

Mac mini

The Mac mini has been pronounced dead by pundits for four years. They have not been entirely wrong. It is one of the few products Apple has made towards which they have been transparently hostile.

The mini is the product about which we know the least. Earlier, there were rumors that it would be a professional version of the beleaguered product. With the presence of the iMac and the Mac Pro, one strains to fathom what a professional mini would even mean.

The only consensus around the mini is that Apple will be addressing it at the upcoming event in Brooklyn.

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