Fitness Trainer Discovers Strength She Never Knew She Had After Having A Baby

Katrina Scott, the co-founder of the Tone It Up fitness and lifestyle program, has been an inspiration to many hoping to achieve their physical best. Now she is talking about a different kind of strength, one she didn’t get from lifting weights or doing sit-ups. Her life was forever changed when she gave birth to her daughter Isabella Scott on October 15. The birth of her daughter helped Scott to discover a type of inner power she never knew she possessed.

According to Today, the fitness trainer opened up about her experience with pregnancy and how she was able to feel confident in her body despite its constant changes.

“I had no idea how I would feel going into pregnancy and now that I’ve experienced it — gaining more than 40 pounds, discovering new curves and dimples everywhere, and watching my body change every week — I want to share that it’s completely normal to feel every emotion.”

Scott is now hoping to encourage new moms to be patient with their post-baby bodies and to not put unnecessary pressure on themselves to get back into the shape they were in before. Though she has walked fans through countless strenuous workout routines, none of that compared to the strength it would require to give birth to her daughter. Scott was in awe of the mental and physical exertion it took to bring her daughter into the world and is proud of her body’s ability to fight.

In a heartfelt Instagram post, she shared side by side pictures of her body both before and after pregnancy. In the lengthy caption, Scott discussed how she never knew what she was truly capable of before her pregnancy. It required hard work and not the type she was used to. This work was focused on her mind and soul, as she grew to trust her intuition and adapt to carrying another human being inside of her. The experience allowed Scott to see beauty in a new way and recognize the true wonder of the female body.

In commenting about the picture of her post-baby body, Scott said that she doesn’t miss the way she used to look. Her new body has offered her something much greater. “Do I want the body on the left? No~I’m not the same girl. I’m capable of so much more now and I’m excited for my new body and what the future holds~tiger stripes, dimples and all.” she said.

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