Prince Charles ‘Desperately’ Wanted To Call Off Diana Wedding, Per ‘Daily Mail’

Veteran royal correspondent Robert Jobson has penned an explosive new book about Prince Charles, in which he reveals that the heir to the throne wanted to call off his 1981 wedding to Diana Spencer during their engagement.

According to the Daily Mail, Jobson has been given access to Charles for the past 18 months, traveling with the prince on tour and accompanying him to royal events, where he was able to speak not only with Charles, but also past and present staff members, his friends, and some other members of the royal family.

The revelation about his engagement and wedding was shared with a friend years after the fact, with Charles explaining that the only reason he hadn’t gone forward with cancelling it being that the results “would have been cataclysmic.” He also described himself as being “permanently between the devil and deep blue sea.”

Charles had realized during the course of their engagement that the pair were completely incompatible, and felt they had “awful prospects” as a couple. The wedding, which many agree he should never have gone through with, ended up resulting in a toxic marriage, by the end of which both were having affairs. The pair were later asked to divorce in a letter sent to them by Queen Elizabeth II.

Andrew Morton wrote a biography about Diana years ago in which she admitted she had wanted to back out of her engagement to Charles, but up until now, there has been no word that the prince felt the same way as his reluctant bride.

The royal biography that Jobson is releasing has been commissioned by Charles himself, as he wants to clear the air surrounding some “pernicious lies” about him, many of which he feels were started and fueled by Diana herself.

The book, which is to be released around the prince’s 70th birthday on November 14, includes several other shocking revelations that Charles has not previously publicly shared.

A number of the other revelations apparently shared in the biography are such things as his shock at his sons’ levels of belligerence; his disappointment with being excluded from the documentary William and Harry commissioned marking the 20th anniversary of Diana’s death in 2017; a meltdown Harry supposedly had prior to marrying Meghan, Duchess of Sussex; the way he “talks to the dead,” including his mentor Earl Mountbatten; his “distrust” of American evangelicalism; his concern that genetically engineered corn is causing obesity in America; and his disdain for Tony Blair.

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