Rita Ora And Cara Delevingne Get Cozy In Bed Eating Junk Food

Girls just want to have fun — and a bed filled with food, at least it sure looks that way for Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne. In a photo posted to Ora’s Instagram account, the fabulous pair can be seen sitting in a giant bed surrounded by several plates of food, including what looks to be pizza, chicken wings, and spaghetti.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the pair recently teamed up to join forces with British cosmetics manufacturer Rimmel in an attempt to combat cyberbullying, particularly as it affects women and girls who are judged and shamed for their bodies. The model and pop star were photographed in London earlier this week at the launch of Rimmel’s “I Will Not Be Deleted” campaign.

Ora wore a colorful, retro-styled pant suit by Marc Jacobs for the event, and based on the photos, the duo’s hotel room snack session took place on the same day.

In the Instagram photo, both women can be seen sitting in a bed, Delevingne looking extra cozy with her bottom half hidden under a sea of white sheets. Despite the photo being fairly recent, Ora’s caption was reminiscent of “the good old days.” The singer shared memories of time spent eating and relaxing with the Brit.

Some fans took Ora’s cute caption as further confirmation that the two women previously had a romantic relationship. One fan commented “Her name is Lara,” which is a reference to a song released by Ora. Earlier this year, Ora released “Girls,” a song about a girl named “Lara,” and many believed the song was about her relationship with Delevingne.

According to Page Six, the two were almost inseparable during the time they were rumored to be dating, with Ora even calling the model her “wifey” and her muse.

Whether or not the women were in a relationship has not been officially confirmed, but it’s clear they are willing to come together for a worthy cause. Both Delevingne and Ora have dealt with the issue of cyberbullying and are hoping to empower others to find their confidence and continue to celebrate their unique beauty, despite what others have to say.

“I see so many negative comments on my own stuff, because you look for it. I spent a lot of time looking through stuff at the beginning of my career, looking for people to hate me because I probably didn’t like myself at the same time,” Delevingne told Harper’s Bazaar in a recent interview.

For Ora, it was the comments about her music that affected her the most.

“When it started to involve my music – which is my baby – I started to feel really insecure. It got me really down. So I’m doing this campaign because that experience for me was super hard and I can only imagine what people feel like who are bullied,” she said.

The campaign, which is also being backed by the Cyber Smile Foundation, will officially launch on November 12.

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