Halle Berry Shows Off Insane Physique, Talks About Importance Of Taking Care Of Your Body

Halle Berry loves her body, and wants you to love yours too.

The actress took to Instagram on Friday to show off her amazing physique, a weekly tradition in giving her followers a glimpse of the ultra-intensive workout routines she goes through to keep her body looking so incredible at age 52. This week, Berry focused on the importance of what comes after the workout, when the body needs time to heal and recover.

Sharing a picture of herself in the sand dunes of Morocco, Berry wrote about the importance of taking time to care for your body.

“To the people out there with injuries or who grind like I do, working long hours or double shifts – recovery can be just as important as the workout,” she wrote. “Carrying a child or being on my feet all day for work can bring the same wear on my body as my Judo workouts.”

She then linked to her Instagram Story, where she shared some stories about the importance of recovery.

All the hard work has certainly paid off for Halle Berry, who at the age of 52 looks like she could be decades younger. Her personal trainer, Peter Lee Thomas, told People magazine that Halle has some of the best discipline he’s ever seen, regardless of age.

“I had no idea what her age was when I met her,” said Thomas, who has been working with Berry for about two years. “I never looked or was interested in that, and when I found out, I was absolutely shell-shocked because she has the discipline and athleticism of a 25-year old.”

She has the energy of a 25-year-old as well, her Instagram pictures and videos show. Halle is no lightweight when it comes to workouts, going through some intensive and often innovative routines that take advantage of whatever she has around the house.

Thomas is featured heavily on Halle Berry’s Instagram page and her every-Friday pictures and videos about her workout, to the point that some fans speculated that the two could be dating. It didn’t help matters that Halle often shares pictures of the two in some very intimate poses, with Thomas taking a very hands-on approach to his workouts with the actress.

The rumors grew so pervasive that Halle eventually addressed them, telling followers that they were strictly a “fitness couple.”

Those who want to learn more about Halle Berry’s workout recovery methods can go to her Instagram page and click on her story.

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