Jacqueline Jossa, Dan Osborne’s Wife, Puts Stretch Marks On Display In Bikini

Picture perfect bodies and bikinis tend to go hand-in-hand. Jacqueline Jossa – known best for her role as Lauren Branning in the BBC’s soap opera EastEnders – decided to shatter the idea that you must have a perfect body to rock a bikini on her Instagram stories recently.

According to the Daily Mail, Jacqueline and her husband, Dan Osborne, along with their 3-year-old daughter, Ella, and 4-month-old daughter, Mia, were soaking up the sun during a family vacation together.

Jacqueline seized an opportunity during the trip to encourage her 1.4 million Instagram followers to embrace their body imperfections instead of hiding them behind clothing, cosmetics, and doctored photos.

“Learn to love your stretchmarks,” the mom-of-two penned in the caption of the photo on her Instagram stories.

Donning a deep purple-colored bikini, Jossa put her stretch marks on full display for the world to see. The brunette beauty posed and held her camera at an angle that gave her followers a few clear shots of her stretch marks.

“This is real life [people]. Zoom in to see stretch marks at your own risk,” Jacqueline penned in a separate photo while holding her daughter Mia against her chest.

In every photo, Osborne’s wife had a vibrant smile on her face as she rocked that bikini and all the skin imperfections it left uncovered.


Stretch marks or no stretch marks, there was no denying Jacqueline looked fantastic as she flaunted her flat stomach and trim waist. The purpose of her photos, however, was not to put her incredible figure in the spotlight. She was trying to send a message that she felt her children were worth the stretch marks on her body. Moreover, she wasn’t ashamed and didn’t feel the need to cover-up or Photoshop the pictures before posting them.

Despite being all smiles in their photos, things were not always great in her marriage. Dan and Jacqueline, however, decided to give their relationship another try after his stint on Celebrity Big Brother.

According to the Daily Mail, Jacqueline did admit to having a hard time watching her husband interact with Gabby Allen during the reality TV show, as the duo were rumored to have a bit of a fling.

Things in their relationship appear to be on the up-and-up as Jacqueline proudly put her husband’s shirtless muscular figure on display as well.


Toward the end of the parade of family vacation pictures, Jacqueline shared a photo of their daughter, Ella, playing in shallow water with the caption, “Best week ever” followed by a heart emoticon.