Meghan Markle’s Wedding Dress Is On Display At Windsor Castle With A Sweet Personal Touch

Meghan Markle’s wedding gown has gone on display at Windsor Castle, and visitors will have an extra treat when they go see it. People Magazine reports that the exhibit will feature a guided audio tour voiced by both Meghan and Prince Harry. The clips will give royal fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse into some of the preparations that went into the day.

According to People, in one of the clips, Meghan explains why she chose Claire Waight Keller to design her dress.

“I wanted a female designer, that was very important, I wanted a British designer because I wanted to embrace my new home in that way,” Meghan says in the clip which is part of an interview with exhibition curator Caroline de Guitaut. “I wanted something that felt reflective of the world in a way.”

A replica of the dress uniform that Prince Harry wore is also on display. It’s not the one that he wore because that one is reportedly needed “during the lifetime of the exhibition.” They did not specify when or where the uniform will be used, though.

“He had a new one made but as it’s required during the lifetime of the exhibition, he has very kindly allowed us to display his other one,” Guitaut said. “They are identical in every respect.”

If you go to the exhibition, you will also see the outfits that the royal brother and sister duo, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, wore as they walked down the aisle behind Meghan.

During another of the audio clips, you can hear both Meghan and Harry talking about how grateful they were that their young bridesmaids and page boys did so well on the wedding day.

“We had 10 bridesmaids and page boys under the age of 7, which everybody says is impossible to have them behaving, but they did it!” Harry said.

“It was a miracle!” Meghan added.

They also chatted about how important it was to make their special day intimate, even though it was viewed by people all over the world.

“It was a somewhat global wedding, but being able to try and make everybody feel inclusive, it was really, really important to us,” Harry commented.

“In making choices that were really personal and meaningful, it could make the whole experience feel intimate, even though it was a very big wedding,” the duchess said.

In a documentary called Queen Of The World, about Queen Elizabeth’s role as head of the Commonwealth, Meghan chatted about her veil, which incorporated embroidery of each member country’s national flower. She also revealed that her “something blue” was incorporated into the dress and that it was a strip of the dress that she wore to their first date.

There’s no word if you’ll be able to see that little piece of royal history at the dress exhibit.

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