Kendall Jenner Puts Her Derriere On Full Display, As She Shares A Throwback Photo On Instagram

There is no doubt that clothes made of latex can do wonders to a woman’s figure, as it looks really sexy, but when the material is donned by supermodels like Kendall Jenner, it immediately becomes a style statement and the epitome of sensuality.

The 22-year-old model and reality TV star recently shared some black-and-white throwback pictures from a photoshoot which left her fans completely mesmerized, as she put her sexy rear end on full display.

Wearing a latex bodysuit which she paired with leggings from Louis Vuitton and a pair of stiletto high heels, Kendall Jenner looked completely stunning in the photograph. Kendall posted some Instagram stories wearing the same bodysuit and LV tights back in July, as well, per Teen Vogue.

Her high-cut rubbery bodysuit, which is actually red in color, as seen on the photographer’s Instagram page, accentuated Kendall’s slim waist and also provided a generous view of her thighs and derriere, which she intentionally protruded for the photograph. She wore her hair in a high bun with side bangs that made her look nothing short of gorgeous.

In the first photograph that Kendall posted on Instagram, she squatted on the floor with her back facing the camera, thus providing a very provocative view of her butt and her perfectly hourglass figure. The picture garnered more than 319,000 likes and close to 1,500 comments.

Likewise, Kendall did not face the camera in the second picture but leaned over a car and put her backside on display. The picture showcased Kandell’s long, sexy legs that she extended backward to provide a clearer view of her overall stature. The picture in question amassed close to 500,000 likes and almost 2,000 comments within an hour. As usual, fans couldn’t help but praise Kandell’s amazing body and also appreciated the artistic photographic idea behind the pictures.

“[sic] Omg are you for real beyond blessed so beautifully blessed with long legs and stunningly beautiful natural beauty,” one of her fans commented on the picture.

“Omg, [those] legs are just so gorgeous,” wrote another follower.

In the third picture, Kendall finally faced the camera to show her pretty face to the world while leaning against the hood of the car.

Despite the picture being black and white, Kendall’s signature plump lips can be prominently seen and her elegant retro-style hairdo gave her a very youthful and innocent look. The photograph also perfectly captured her enviable figure, highlighting her waist-to-hip ratio.

The picture in which she faced the camera became the most popular one among the three photos she posted and attracted more than 830,000 likes and close to 4,500 comments.

Kendall Jenner had recently come under fire from critics and was slammed for cultural appropriation because she wore an Afro hairstyle for Vogue Magazine, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

And although Vogue apologized, stating that Jenner wore an Edwardian-inspired hairdo, comments on her Instagram post showed that the public was not very convinced. Earlier, Jenner was slammed after appearing in a controversial Pepsi commercial involving the Black Lives Matter movement, per the Inquisitr report.

Jenner later apologized for the Pepsi ad and said that she didn’t mean to hurt anyone, but she hasn’t said anything related to the alleged Afro hairdo photograph.

Despite all of the controversies surrounding Jenner, the stunner’s fan base just keeps increasing and she is still considered one of the most popular models in the world today.

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