Chrissy Teigen Gets Haunted House Fright On ‘Ellen’

Chrissy Teigen got into the Halloween spirit early by taking a frightening trip through a haunted house, as reported by Entertainment Tonight.

During Thursday’s episode of the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ellen gave Teigen an all-expenses trip to a haunted house along with the show’s executive producer Andy Lassner, with some shocking results.

The pair took a trip to The Purge Maze at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, where before they even have a chance to enter the haunted house, they are already confronted by a masked monster.

After an expletive-laden rant from Teigen that was triggered by the fright, the 32-year-old Teigen and Lessner began their journey into the haunted house, entering a maze full of human mannequins that seemed eerily alive, as well as wandering zombie-like creatures, which immediately set the pair into a frightened melt-down.

Lassner tries to take control of the situation as the self-described “alpha,” telling Teigen, “You’re not supposed to split up.”

It all comes back to bite Lassner later on, as Teigen said to the visibly frightened producer, “I thought you were the alpha.”

Lassner explained himself by saying, “I’m alpha in terms of you follow my direction. By alpha, it doesn’t mean that I go first.”

Just as they think that they have made it through their haunted house experience, the pair come across what they described as a “f**king aggressive” monster wielding a meat cleaver, who commits an acted-out murder in front of them.

Approaching the exit with Teigen, who is screaming at the top of her lungs, Lassner yells, “Don’t get upset if there’s nothing there!”

Just when they believe that they are safe and sound, there is one more fright awaiting Teigen and Lassner, in the form of a final frightening creature.

Teigen was impressed with Lassner’s bravery throughout their trip through the haunted house, telling him, “I’ve seen a lot of these and you usually cower, but you really took an alpha male role.”

When Teigen and Lassner both shared the video on their respective Twitter accounts, Teigen described herself as “crying” by its finale, while Lassner wrote, “Hope my humiliation makes your day a little better.”

Teigen will be happy to leave the haunted houses behind and reunite with her husband John Legend, whom she recently talked about with Entertainment Tonight.

Teigen said, “People see John as this perfect entity and all I want to do is be like, ‘Yeah, but he does this! But he really is that fantastic, and amazing, and amazing for me because I’m a fireball. Like, I’m crazy and he knows how to deal with me when we fight. And he knows just the right thing to say to diffuse it. And I think that is the problem, it’s that it’s so frustrating because sometimes you just want to fight and sometimes you just want to yell at somebody and he’s never that person.”

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