Meghan Markle’s Wadrobe Malfunction Has Twitter Buzzing

Meghan Markle rocked a vibrant red dress during her trip to Fiji with Prince Harry recently. But, it wasn’t the way she donned the flattering dress that had everyone’s attention.

As the Inquisitr already reported, it was the small blunder dangling from the bottom of the back of her dress that people can’t stop talking about. Being referred to on social media and by media outlets as everything from a fashion faux pas to a wardrobe malfunction, the internet has become obsessed with the return label still attached to the dress.

While no one was holding back in pointing out the fashion mistake, Twitter lit up with people offering nothing but love, support, and understanding for the blunder.

Many took to Twitter to acknowledge it was a relatable mistake that happened all the time. Moreover, many pointed out if you felt the need to place blame anywhere, it should be placed with Markle’s staff. These individuals argued those overseeing her wardrobe should have been more diligent in noticing and removing the return label.

Overall, the general consensus was that everyone makes mistakes and the wardrobe malfunction just strengthened the fact that Meghan is just like everyone else.

In one very detailed tweet, a user named Debra Marshall placed the blame largely on Meghan’s staff.

“Not in the low cut or high slit way but in some photos her bra and tummy are quite visible. However I feel for her as it seems her staff might be letting her down, such as with the dress tag earlier today. Meghan herself is giving her all and working very hard,” Debra said.

A second user named Alice – defending Markle against someone who had criticized Meghan for making the mistake – agreed she had staff members who should be checking for this kind of thing.

“I actually left my tag on my clothes only yesterday… it’s a normal thing to do,” she added.

Some believed Meghan’s fashion blunder was going to turn into a trend as other people would start leaving their tags on to follow in Markle’s footsteps.

Others questioned why people were so obsessed with the forgotten tag. One user pointed out that unlike everyone else, Meghan likely has to have tags removed from every single outfit she wears.

A few people pointed out the forgotten label didn’t make the dress any less stunning. Moreover, the wardrobe malfunction could have been much worse.

Meghan had a few supporters who took issue with the fact that people were even considering it a fashion misstep in the first place.

All in all, the biggest question anyone seemed to have regarding the vibrant floral dress is whether Meghan planned on returning it after the tour. Some joked the whole thing just made them like Meghan even more.

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