Muhammad Ali’s Brother: Boxer Being Abused By His Wife

Rahman Ali, Muhammad Ali’s brother, is claiming that the famed boxer is being abused by his wife and has become “a prisoner in his own home.”

Speaking to the National Enquirer, Rahman claims Lonnie Ali is abusing his brother. Rahman further attacks Ali’s wife by adding, “I think [Lonnie] married my brother just for the money.”

Rahman also claims:

“She talks to him bad. He doesn’t even get fed properly. The last time we were together [for a July gala in London honoring Ali], he was so dehydrated. You could tell from his lips.”

In 2011, Muhammad Ali was rushed to the hospital after suffering from a bout of dehydration. Ali has suffered from Parkinson’s disease for more than two decades.

A spokesman for Ali tells CBS Sports that Rahman Ali’s story is overblown.

Muhammad Ali’s brother fears that Ali’s third wife is scheming to keep him and Muhammad’s nine children out of the boxer’s will. According to Rahman Ali:

“When he dies, no one will get anything — zero. I’m still in contact with his children. I just spoke to Muhammad Jr., and he was concerned about his dad. They’ve all tried to get in contact with him, but we’ve all been pushed out.”

This is not the first time Rahman has spoken out about his brother’s living conditions. Last week he toldThe Sun that his brother no longer recognized him. Muhammad Ali’s family quickly denied Rahman’s claims over his health. Several of Muhammad Ali’s own children denied any issues with their father’s health.

If Muhammad Ali’s brother is telling the truth it could be months, even years, before his statements are verified.

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