Kelly Clarkson Could Replace Megyn Kelly On ‘Today,’ According To ‘Radar Online’

It appears as though Megyn Kelly is officially out at the Today Show.

This past week, the talk show host has become the subject of controversy after her opinion on a blackface costume. As the Inquisitr shared earlier today, Kelly was absent from her hour of the show after facing a ton of backlash following her comments that defended blackface Halloween costumes. Now, multiple sources have confirmed to People that Kelly’s hour of the show is being canceled.

“They’re contacting the staff and reassigning everyone today. Everyone’s being told that they still have a home here, but it won’t be on Megyn’s show. They haven’t made an official announcement about the show, but everyone knows what it means when they’re being moved somewhere else. The show is clearly over.”

An additional two sources told the publication that Kelly isn’t completely out at the Today Show, but her segment will most likely be canceled. It remains to be seen whether or not she will appear during a different segment at this point.

According to Radar Online, the higher-ups at NBC are looking to have Kelly Clarkson replace Megyn Kelly on her hour of the show. Not only has Clarkson made multiple appearances on the hit morning show, but she also has a huge fan base, which is another reason why NBC execs think she’s a good replacement choice.

The execs at the network “think it might be perfect time to give her Today time slot to Kelly, who has a huge fan base and is extremely well-liked and relatable,” a source says.

And another plus? Clarkson is very well liked by the other talent and NBC, something that isn’t true for Kelly. Since the beginning of her time at NBC, it has been widely speculated that the former Fox News personality is not well liked by both the staff and other anchors at the Today Show. But a source says that Clarkson is very well liked by NBC and is reportedly ready to take the plunge and will take any job that they throw her way.

And according to one more source, Clarkson is also a solid choice to be Megyn’s replacement because she won’t be stirring up controversy like Kelly often did.

“Kelly is the most non-biased person on the planet, and does not have an ounce of racism in her.”

Today, a pre-taped segment of Megyn Kelly Today aired and another pre-taped segment is scheduled to air tomorrow. On Wednesday’s show, Kelly apologized for her comments on air and she also sent out an email to NBC staff with a separate apology.

However, it seems like too little too late for Megyn if these reports do hold true.

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