‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Ashley Leaves Jabot In Shambles!

Stunning new The Young and the Restless spoilers show that Ashley’s shocking choice leaves Jabot in shambles, while Jack does everything in his power to save his father’s company.

In a move that becomes Jack’s (Peter Bergman) worst nightmare, Ashley (Eileen Davidson) makes the decision to leave Genoa City — taking all of her patents and starting her own brand new cosmetics company, according to Soap Opera Digest. Bergman told the magazine, “Many years ago, Jabot had all kinds of investments and all kinds of areas, but now, because of Jack, it is a cosmetics company — period!”

Ashley is set up to be a rival, and because so many of the patents that she’s taking are Jabot’s reliable products, Jack’s afraid that it will look like she’s selling knockoffs of their luxury brand.

All Jack ever wanted was to make his father, John Abbott, proud. The recent flashbacks described in Inquisitr‘s daily Y&R recap — along with their in-depth family discussions of the past — have shown him not only his hurts, and how they’ve carried over to the present, but also the damage done to his sisters. Said damage has affected who they became, as well.

“When their mother left, Jack’s place was to look out for the girls —but in his mind, he formulated that as, ‘I am a stronger one, they are the weaker ones,’ and that carried on through his adult life,” Bergman explained.

While it’s too-little too-late, Jack finally realized what he stands to lose with Ashley. For too long he’s taken her for granted and has worked against her instead of with her. They could have — and should have — been each other’s staunchest ally, and at times, they were. But typically they remained engaged in their sibling rivalry, which carried over from their childhood pain.

According to Bergman, “[Jack] wishes he could turn the clock back 20 years and start over with his sister. He wishes he knew what kind of pain she was in, he wishes he knew what kind of pain he caused her, and he wishes he could’ve talked to her about everything that was bugging him. He had a confidant and a friend and a sister who loved him no matter what and he’s lost all of that—and the patents period!”

Jack sincerely apologizes to Ashley before she leaves Genoa City. It’s everything that Ashley waited a lifetime to hear. Unfortunately for Jabot, Jack, and the Abbott family — it comes way too late for Ashley. She’s entirely finished with living in the painful past, and for her, that involves moving forward with a whole new chapter of her life away from Jabot, the Abbotts, and Genoa City.

Bergman said that Ashley’s choice to leave is the biggest challenge of Jack’s life. “He has to take charge, rebuild the company, but he doesn’t know how to do that and there are people all around him with a different plan.”

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