Royal Fans Think Meghan Markle Dropped A Hint About The Baby’s Due Date, Find Out Why

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s royal baby is highly anticipated by fans around the world. In the meantime, some people think that the duchess dropped a major hint about his or her birthday, and it’s all thanks to her jewelry. According to Express, Meghan wore three stackable rings by Ecksand during the Invictus Games. The top green emerald ring could represent Markle’s birth stone, August. The bottom blue sapphire ring on the bottom, could represent Harry’s birthday month, September. And in the middle is what appears to be a diamond, which could represent April.

The Ecksand ring, which is a Canadian brand, is reportedly made with ethically-sourced stones in 18 carat recycled gold, according to E! Online.

People have been left to speculate on the birth month of the baby, considering that the official baby announcement by Kensington Palace only mentioned it would be spring, 2019. Meghan was also spotted later on only wearing the sapphire and diamond rings, so it left people confused as to whether the rings hold special meaning.

Meanwhile, there has been speculation also about how long Meghan has been pregnant, detailed TheSun. Some people believe that she’s potentially four months pregnant, while others think she’s about three months pregnant.

Whatever the case, the duchess kept everyone on their toes in the weeks leading up to the baby announcement. There were a ton of rumors surrounding certain outfits that Meghan wore that appeared to reveal, or hint at, a baby bump.

And throughout all this, Meghan has been forging through and making appearances during her first international tour with Prince Harry. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been without family drama, as her half-sister, Samantha, went on Twitter to slam the duchess for allegedly “lying” about how she paid her college tuition. This is what she said, according to

“Our father paid for all of her education! This speech is not true. Stop the enabling! Do not ever reward a lie it does not matter how fluffy it is! It is wrong and there is no force on the planet that will take this away from my father. She should inspire women with the truth and with gratitude! Roll [sic] model thankfullness [sic] and truth, not lies.”

The accusations came 23 days after the sister claimed that she was apologetic about the way things had been going with her sister. With the family feud apparently re-ignited, fans are only left wondering what will come next in the Markle family saga.

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