Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan Show Perfect Teamwork While Speaking To Veterans

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been quickly winning over Australians during their tour down under, and their own relationship and affection for one another seems to be a big part of that.

In the past nine days, Harry and Meghan have demonstrated their ability to connect with people on a personal level, taking the time to speak with and accept gifts from young children, the elderly, and veterans. And now footage has emerged of the couple speaking with a group of British and Australian veterans who formed a team to complete a 1,000-mile mission across Western Australia.

As reported by People, the couple are in complete sync with one another throughout the conversation, asking questions and responding to the veterans almost as if they are a single person instead of a pair.

The group had reunited in Sydney where they would be meeting Meghan and Harry ahead of the opening ceremony of the 2018 Invictus Games, and all of them were excited to share their experiences of their trek with the duke and duchess.

After congratulating the couple on their royal baby news, they started talking about their journey and the things they discovered about themselves along the way.

A short clip of their conversation was shared by the BBC to Twitter.

While any major physical injury is incredibly challenging to deal with, a 1,000-mile trek through a desert is an entirely different kind of mountain to climb that can take a toll mentally as well. Meghan started by asking if they found their journey more mentally or physically challenging.

“A bit of both,” one veteran replied. “It’s so strange because we were out on the trek, you know, physically pushing ourselves to the limit, and then to relieve a lot of what we’ve been through.”

Prince Harry then jumped in with a perfect explanation for why the Invictus Games and events for injured veterans are so important.

“That’s exactly what this whole thing was about. Putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation, another uncomfortable situation, but together and realizing that actually those demons you’ve got inside here, no matter how many times you process them, to use them as an opportunity to once again talk about it.”

Meghan added, “Just as you guys realize that you’re not alone, that you have each other. It’s such a shared experience,” before Harry again chimed in with, “You can have this shield in front of you And give the confidence for those others to talk and to normalize the conversation around mental health.”

The couple opened the Invictus Games later that night, with the duke giving a moving speech about the purpose of the competition he has spearheaded.

While the couple are traveling to the Kingdom of Tonga on Thursday morning local time, they return to Sydney on Friday to wrap up the Games before concluding their tour down in New Zealand.

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