Kim Kardashian Flaunts Her Well-Toned Thighs In New Instagram Post

Kim Kardashian West has lately been very busy promoting her cosmetics on Instagram. For the last couple of weeks, the reality TV star has been posting some eye-popping photographs of herself from her cosmetic campaign, in which she wore nothing but some bright eyeshadow, garnering more than 9 million likes in total.

The 38-year-old star posted yet another picture from her cosmetic campaign today, where she is seen dressed in a skimpy bodysuit that showcases her rear end, thigh, and her well-toned legs.

Akin to some of the previous photographs from the campaign, a naked man is seen sitting next to Kim in the photograph. However, despite fans’ curiosity, the artistic perspective behind the inclusion of naked men in the cosmetic campaign remains unclear.

Captured by the famous American commercial photographer David LaChapelle, Kimberly’s recent photo attracted close to 250,000 likes in less than 30 minutes along with 16,000 comments.

And although Kim looked stunning in the picture, as usual, her makeup and hairdo gave her quite a different look which many of her fans immediately noticed.

“You look like a very young Kimora Lee Simmons here,” wrote one follower. Another fan commented that he couldn’t even believe that it’s Kim in the picture.

“It can’t be Kim. Nope,” he wrote.

Apart from promoting her campaign, Kim Kardashian has constantly been a part of the entertainment pages of newspapers across the world lately, primarily because of her husband, Kanye West.

Per an earlier article by the Inquisitr, Kim and Kanye’s marriage is rumored to be hanging by the thinnest of threads following a “period of time in which the rapper has yet again been making controversial statements and rants about celebrities and politics.”

And as the report details, Kim Kardashian has allegedly threatened her husband with “a very public and very expensive divorce if he does not stop his “over the top” behavior.”

According to an inside source who talked to Heat Magazine about the ongoing tension that the couple is facing in their relationship, Kim Kardashian is going through a tough time dealing with Kanye’s erratic behavior.

“Kim has never discouraged Kanye from being over the top, but it’s hard to excuse the way he’s going about his life these days. She can’t stand by him anymore if he continues to act this way.”

The Inquisitr report further quoted the source as saying that it is “becoming more and more challenging for Kim” because she has to face pressing questions from friends and family who largely disapprove Kanye’s behavior.

However, in a recent interview with ABC News, Kim said that she respects her husband’s political views even if they are different from her own.

“I let him be who he wants to be. I let him have his own views and opinions, even if they’re different than mine. I grew up in a household where… we would always just talk about it and be open about it and it was really OK to have different views. For me, I think it’s just about having an open mind.”

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