Kylie Jenner Talks Insecurities About Her Post-Baby Body

Kylie Jenner isn’t as confident as she appears, People is reporting. In a new preview of the next episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, we see Jenner open up about her body struggles to her half-sister, Kim Kardashian-West.

“Nothing in my closet fits me,” Kylie says to Kim as she is shown looking through her closet. “I’m getting rid of stuff that I just feel like is never going to fit me. I know I’m not going to fit into a [size] 25 jean ever again. I’m just feeling a little insecure. I feel like my hips have just spread. My favorite jeans, they’re never going to fit me again. I feel like some people don’t get it. Some people are just body-shamers.”

Jenner, age 21, gave birth to her daughter Stormi on February 1. Kardashian-West gave birth to two children in the past, and recently became a mother of three with the use of a surrogate. Kardashian-West received a lot of body-shaming during her pregnancies — and even had some tabloids call her a whale. Needless to say, Kardashian-West can relate to Jenner’s struggle.

“I will tell you this — just wear two pairs of shape-wear and get out of the house,” Kardashian-West advises her. “I know it’s like, really early and Stormi is so little but you just have to roll with it. You just have to be confident, get some things that make you feel good about yourself and find your balance.”

Kardashian-West also tells Jenner that it took her around 6 to 8 months to get her old body back. Jenner tells Kardahian-West that she “inspires” her.

In March, Jenner held a Q&A with fans over Twitter. In a now-deleted tweet from the Q&A session, Jenner revealed that she had gained 40 pounds due to her pregnancy. Reportedly, Jenner has dedicated herself to working out and wants to be a “hot mom.” Though Jenner may be a bit more self-conscious behind the scenes, she is still keeping up with a confident persona, often opting to wear curve-flaunting outfits.

Jenner is still posting sexy pictures on Instagram, often breaking records with her 117 million followers. The only difference lately is that now, side by side with her racier snaps, are pictures of her baby girl. Kardashian-West’s Instagram page is similar, and it seems that she can’t help but show off her adorable kids in between her more provocative pictures.

Though the sisters are certainly glamorous, their motherly instincts are definitely prominent on both their social media accounts and on their shared reality television show.

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