‘Southern Charm’ News: Cameran Eubanks’ Daughter Actually Has A Shep Rose Doll, And It Is Adorable

For fans of any Bravo series, they know that there is likely going to be drama and a lot of controversy more than anything else. While that is usually the case, there are also those moments which are light-hearted, fun, and laughable. Such is the case with Southern Charm star Cameran Eubanks and her beautiful baby girl who is learning the ways of life early from her “Uncle” Shep Rose.

Palmer will have her first birthday next month and she has already become a big name about Charleston, South Carolina. Cameran makes sure that the world knows her little one is doing well and just as pretty as ever while staying away from the drama.

When Palmer was born, Shep actually really was hoping to be the godfather of his friend’s baby but it didn’t happen. That honor went to Cameran’s husband Jason’s cousin Graham and they pretty much knew from that start that was how they were wanting it to be.

Despite the fact that Shep was campaigning for the godfather spot, he didn’t win that honor, but he still is a big presence in the life of little Palmer. As a matter of fact, Bravo is reporting that even when Shep isn’t around, he’s still influencing Palmer and reminding her of his presence.

Yes, that is indeed Palmer holding tightly onto a bobblehead doll of Shep Rose and posing with him for the camera. While it’s not entirely certain how she came into possession of the magnificent piece of Bravo memorabilia, Cameran may have written the perfect caption by simply saying, “Oh no…”

Cameran isn’t totally against Shep and knows that he is going to grow up (one day), and she has seen a lot of changes in him. Even though he’s not the godfather of Palmer, Cameran does know that she may have a rather reliable babysitter when she happens to need one.

“Shep is great with kids. He has little nieces and now he has a new nephew. He’s like a big kid himself. So he’s awesome with babies.”

All one has to do is look at the picture from April when Shep first met Palmer, and you can see the joy in his face.

The sixth season of Southern Charm will debut next year and there are going to be some big changes, and obviously with more than just little Palmer. Perhaps, the world will get a better view of just how well Shep can babysit, but that all depends on if Cameran is going to allow her daughter to be alone with more than just her doll.

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