Spoilers For Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’: Relationships Are Tested As Obstacles Arise Across Port Charles

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday’s episode tease that viewers have a lot of interesting scenes to look forward to watching. Oscar dropped a bombshell on Drew and Kim, and Laura is trying to get back into the swing of things in Port Charles again. Teasers reveal that there are several pairs of characters who will be having intense conversations during this October 24 show, and viewers won’t want to miss this one.

Jordan and Curtis are supposed to get married soon, but they’ve faced a few obstacles on the way to their wedding day. General Hospital spoilers via the sneak peek shared on Twitter reveal that they’re about to be hit with another one, as Drew will tell Curtis that he has to bow out of his role as best man. Of course, this isn’t as big an obstacle as losing their wedding venue or working through Aunt Stella’s opposition — but it’ll still be one more hitch to overcome.

Drew has a lot to deal with right now, and it seems likely that Curtis will understand if these other issues need to take priority. As Drew is coping with this, General Hospital spoilers note that Kim will turn to Sam and ask for help.

Kim and Sam haven’t exactly become the best of friends, so it surely won’t be easy for Kim to take this step. General Hospital spoilers detail that Kim will tell Sam that she needs her help to save Oscar’s life, but viewers will have to tune in to see just what Kim has in mind.

Will Kim think that Sam can talk Alexis out of representing Oscar in his emancipation case? Will this have to do with Drew — or will Kim think Sam’s investigative skills can help in some way? While Sam hasn’t connected with Kim on a personal level, she’ll surely do what she can to help Oscar — for Drew’s sake if for nothing else.

Wednesday’s show will also bring Carly and Elizabeth together for a discussion. These two have had plenty of contentious moments with one another in the past, but General Hospital spoilers share that Carly will want to talk with Liz about getting on the same page with one another.

This conversation seems likely to be related to Josslyn and Cameron’s relationship. Carly doesn’t know that Joss is using Cam to try to make Oscar jealous, and despite some worries in the past when the shoplifting incidents occurred — Carly saw some sweet and playful moments between the two teens earlier this week. Carly may want to talk with Elizabeth to try to protect Josslyn from getting hurt again.

Laura will talk with someone about the prospect of running for mayor again, and Olivia will pop up and warn Julian not to blow it in his new relationship with Kim. SheKnows Soaps hints that Julian will appreciate her insights and suggestions — and viewers know that he’s anxious to do whatever he can to keep his relationship with Kim moving forward, despite her hesitation to open up to him about Oscar.

Numerous Port Charles residents are facing complicated days in the episodes ahead, and General Hospital spoilers tease that things will get wild as the show heads into the November sweeps period. Stay tuned for additional teasers as they emerge to get a sense of where things seem to be headed next.

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