Jimmy Kimmel Crashes Live ABC Weather Report To Celebrate ‘Weatherman’s Day’ [Video]

Jimmy Kimmel stopped by ABC’s Los Angeles affiliate Tuesday night to crash a live weather report in honor of National Weatherman’s Day.

You probably didn’t even know National Weatherman’s Day is a really holiday (we didn’t), but late night host Jimmy Kimmel did and decided to crash ABC weatherman Dallas Raines’ weather report to shower him with gifts appropriate for the occasion: Flowers, a “World’s Greatest Weatherman” mug, and a bucket full of rainwater.

Examiner reports that Kimmel also personally thanked Raines for every single weather report he’s ever given.

Kimmel’s cameo was a shock to 11 pm viewers of ABC7 but a welcome and laughter-filled one for sure. Kimmel left after thanking Raines, but returned moments later to help Raines do his weather report.

While there wasn’t much weather going on, Kimmel didn’t seem to get the hang of it, even declaring “He controls the weather!” of Raines before leaving him to the rest of his report. Raines, for his part, spent most of his report gushing over Kimmel and asking for a spot on his show.

Jimmy Kimmel’s surprise cameo wasn’t over with the weather report, however. He returned for a later segment with ABC’s entertainment reporter George Pennacchio, but only for a second or so.

Are you a fan of Jimmy Kimmel? Did you know about National Weatherman’s Day? Here’s a clip via Mediaite:

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