Ariana Grande’s Manager Said She Came To Her Senses After Breakup With ‘Sh***y Boyfriend’

Ariana Grande’s manager Scooter Braun said that the pop superstar came to her senses about her career after breaking up with a “sh***y boyfriend,” as reported by Variety.

Braun revealed that he was once fired by Grande and it was only after their breakup and the exit of a boyfriend that wasn’t giving her sound advice that she and he reopened their professional relationship.

Braun, who also manages Justin Bieber, said in the Variety interview that he chose to remain silent after his firing instead of speaking poorly of the Sweetener singer, who let him go from his professional duties back in February 2016.

“I watched this other manager [she hired] get fired, and I saw him defend himself instantly and put out a lot of truths. And I watched the artist see those truths, not want to deal with it, and then forever hate that manager,” he noted.

“And with Ariana, I could have said a lot of stuff, and in fact, my team wanted me to, because they were pi**ed,” Braun revealed. “But I said, ‘We’re not gonna say a word, and this is gonna come back around.’ They were like, ‘Never take her back!’ but I just said, ‘Let’s stay quiet and let our truth be our actions.'”

Braun remained silent after Grande called him to start up their personal and professional relationship once again in September of 2016.

“And when sh***y boyfriends leave, she starts to see the light on some stuff, and one day I got a phone call,” Braun remarked. “She said, ‘Can I see you tomorrow?’ and I said, ‘No, I’m busy’ — I actually couldn’t, so I said, ‘I could see you Thursday’ or whatever and I went over there and we had a very honest conversation.”

Braun did not reveal whom it was Grande was dating at the time of their professional break.

Us Weekly reported that the singer dated Big Sean for eight months before splitting in April 2015. She began dating Mac Miller in August 2016. Grande recently ended a four-month engagement to Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson.

Braun revealed in the Variety interview that perhaps the break was a good idea because it allowed both he and Grande to appreciate their relationship more.

“That relationship we had, from being fired to getting back together, really gave us the strength for what we never imagined would come that following year,” he explained of the aftermath of a terror attack that occurred at Grande’s Manchester, England, concert in May 2017.

The horrific incident killed 23 and injured hundreds more.

Forbes reported that Braun’s rise to the top was unique in that he was one of the first to successfully sign a global star off of YouTube.

“People told me I was nuts when I went to sign an act from YouTube [Justin Bieber] — and now, that’s one of the most conventional things you can do as an agent or manager,” he noted.

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